Texas Law Shields Unborn from Dismemberment Abortion

Unborn BabyTexas Governor Greg Abbott is taking a huge step to protect the unborn.

On June 8, he signed a law that prohibits the intentional dismemberment of an unborn child during an abortion.

The law says, “a person may not intentionally perform a dismemberment abortion” unless it’s necessary in a medical emergency.

Texas Right to Life applauded the law, calling it a “a monumental step in protecting the most vulnerable among us and advancing Pro-Life legislation in our state and across the country.”…. read more

FDA Warning: Tuna Sold In Texas May Be Tainted With Hepatitis A

FOOD ALERT, PLEASE SHARE AND WARN Family and Friends, Thank you.

DALLAS (CBSDFW) – The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and Centers for Disease Control & Prevention are investigating foreign seafood providers that have shipped tuna to the Texas area that may be tainted with hepatitis A.

According to the USDA, frozen tuna from the Hilo Fish Company that was sourced from Sustainable Seafood Company, Vietnam, and Santa Cruz Seafood Inc., Philippines has recently tested positive for the hepatitis A virus.

According to the CDC, any unvaccinated person who consumed recalled frozen tuna is at risk of contracting the hepatitis A virusread more

Cops and Firefighters Celebrate 8-Year-Old’s Birthday After No One Else Came to Party

An 8-year-old Texas boy had the birthday party of his life when a troop of police officers and firefighters celebrated with him over pizza and cake, after no one else showed up.

“We threw up our lights, hit the sirens a few times, and [Graham] started running across the driveway, stopped on the grass, and he was just in shock at that point,” Lieutenant Mark Schwobel of the Hurst Police Department told InsideEdition.com. “He was showing us his Nerf guns. He looked like he was having a heyday with all the extra company and attention there.”

Schwobel explained he rallied his entire team to come out to Graham Day’s 8th birthday party when the boy’s mom, Jennifer Day, told the department no one had shown up at her son’s celebration…. read more

by LHWM: Awesome! Thank you for sharing your time with this little boy and hope many others. God Bless you!

TX gov. signs bill protecting pastors’ sermons

Gov. Greg Abbott (R-Texas) signed Senate Bill 24 Friday, which prevents the state officials from issuing subpoenas demanding that pastors hand over their sermon messages for government inspection.

Alluding to a Bible verse as he addressed a late Sunday morning service at Grace Church in The Woodlands, Texas, Abbott commended the newly passed legislation.

“Texas law now will be your strength and your sword and your shield,” the Republican governor declared to the congregation, according to Townhall. “You will be shielded by any effort by any other government official in any other part of the state of Texas from having subpoenas to try to pry into what you’re doing here in your churches.”… read more

Emily Galiano’s Full Story – Our Hearts Go Out To The Family

A 14-year-old softball player at Forney (Texas) High School was tragically killed leaving a team dinner when she fell as a car reversed to leave the event and was run over.

As reported by Dallas-Fort Worth CW affiliate KDAF, Forney freshman Emily Galiano was pronounced dead Tuesday nightshortly after she was airlifted to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. The teen was run over by a teammate when a group of team members were piling into a Jeep. The driver began to move the car precisely as Galiano slipped and she was run over almost instantly…. read more

Randy Wade – May 17 at 10:10pm · FOX 4 News did a nice segment on the life of Emily Galiano but they left out the most important thing that can be said about her. There was a time in Emily’s life when she recognized her need for a Savior. Upon that recognition she confessed her need to God and received the LIFE of Christ. It breaks our hearts to say goodbye to such a special young lady but…..we do not mourn as those who have no hope because Emily knows Jesus and is now in His presence!
The reporter also asked me what I say to someone who is asking “Why?” This is a fair question and I believe at the most basic level the answer is “Because the world is broken.” The world has been broken since the moment sin became a reality. When God originally created everything there was no pain, no sorrow…..no death. All of that changed when sin opposed the wisdom of God. Everything changed in that moment. On this side of eternity we have to deal with the impact and tragedy of physical death because of the brokenness that surrounds us.

The good news is Jesus has already defeated eternal death through His resurrection and offers forgiveness and eternal victory over death to all who place their faith in Him. Our hope isn’t in the momentary afflictions but in the promise that one day God will make all things new.

I wish the media would have told the whole story because the whole story provides hope. The whole story points us to Jesus. The whole story gently breathes hope into our hearts.

Emily had placed her faith…..her life in the hands of God and we can grieve with hope because He now holds her in His presence. [full source]