WATCH: NBC Reporter Tries To Use Texas Shooting To Embarrass Trump In South Korea, Fails Miserably

Ali VitaliA reporter from NBC News tried to embarrass President Donald Trump while he was in South Korea speaking at a joint press conference alongside South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Seoul on Tuesday.

While many of the questions centered around the Korean Peninsula, Ali Vitali brought up the issue of gun control in an overt attempt to grandstand.

“You’ve talked about wanting to put extreme vetting on people trying to come into the United States,” Vitali said with a smug tone. “But I wonder if you would consider extreme vetting for people trying to buy a gun.”

Trump called her out for choosing his trip to Asia to bring up the issue of gun control…. read more


What the Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You: The Church in North Korea

For nearly three decades, one Christian human rights group has carried out an unusual aerial offensive to encourage North Korea’s secret believers.

Every week, hundreds of bright orange balloons, with all 16 chapters of the book of Mark inscribed on it, float into North Korean airspace.

“One slight change in the wind direction could mess up the mission,” said Peter, the lead organizer of the balloon operation.

Peter started the project with the aim of getting the Word of God into North Korea. He dubbed the mission Operation Dandelion…. read more

North Korea says US has crossed ‘red line,’ warns of showdown over upcoming war games

PYONGYANG, North Korea – North Korea’s top diplomat for U.S. affairs told The Associated Press Thursday that Washington “crossed the red line” and effectively declared war by putting leader Kim Jong Un on its list of sanctioned individuals, and said a vicious showdown could erupt if the U.S. and South Korea hold annual war games as planned next month.

Han Song Ryol, director-general of the U.S. affairs department at the North’s Foreign Ministry, said in an interview that recent U.S. actions have put the situation on the Korean Peninsula on a war footing.

The United States and South Korea regularly conduct joint military exercises south of the Demilitarized Zone, and Pyongyang typically responds to them with tough talk and threats of retaliation….. [read more]

LHWM Notes: Well God is in charge and (now that America is under judgement due to many turning their back on Him) He will decide if that will or will not happen. This man will have war with anyone who does not agree with him. We pray for the people in that country who dislike what he does and what is happening there just as much as we dislike what our leaders do and what is happening here.

Defense Sec’y Carter says Russia is ‘nuclear saber-rattling’

STUTTGART, Germany (AP) — Defense Secretary Ash Carter used a U.S. military changing-of-the-guard ceremony Tuesday to blast Russian aggression in Europe, saying Moscow is “going backward in time” with warlike actions that compel a U.S. military buildup on NATO’s eastern flank.

“We do not seek a cold, let alone a hot war with Russia,” Carter said. “We do not seek to make Russia an enemy. But make no mistake, we will defend our allies, the rules-based international order, and the positive future it affords us.”

Carter presided at a ceremony installing Army Gen. Curtis “Mike” Scaparrotti as head of U.S. European Command and the top NATO commander in Europe. Scaparrotti most recently commanded U.S. and allied troops in South Korea and has commanded troops in Afghanistan. He succeeds Air Force Gen. Philip Breedlove, who has pointedly and repeatedly warned that NATO must better prepare for an adversarial relationship with Russia…. [read more]

Samsung Files Patent For Smart Contact Lens With Display Screen, Camera And Motion Sensors


Samsung started developing smart contact lenses as a means to create a better augmented reality experience than the ones that exist through Google Glass-like wearables. It would basically mean having Google Glass-like functionality fitted right into the lens without the need of wearing additional gear. Smart contact lenses would allow AR projection right into the wearer’s eyes and stay completely invisible at the same time.

In an ever expanding universe of wearables, Samsung is doing its best to keep all bases covered. Today, the publication of a patent application shows the company is developing smart contact lenses.

The patent application, filed by Samsung in South Korea, shows a contact lens equipped with a tiny display, a camera, an antenna, and several sensors that detect movement and the most basic form of input using your eyes: blinking. The display projects images directly into the eye of the wearer. An external device, a smartphone, is needed for processing….. [read more]

U.S., South Korea stage assault drill; North threatens to wipe out enemies

U.S. and South Korean troops staged a big amphibious landing exercise on Saturday, storming simulated North Korean beach defenses amid heightened tension and threats by the North to annihilate its enemies.

The landing and assault drills on South Korea’s east coast were part of eight weeks of joint exercises between the allies which the South has said are the largest ever. The North has denounced the exercises as “nuclear war moves” and threatened to respond with an all-out offensive.

Tension on the Korean peninsula has been high since the North conducted its fourth nuclear test in January and followed that with a long-range rocket launch last month, triggering new U.N. sanctions….. [read more]

North Korea fires short-range missiles into sea, vows to liquidate South Korean assets

A TV screen shows a file footage of the missile launch conducted by North Korea, at Seoul Railway Station in Seoul, South Korea. North Korea fired two short-range ballistic missiles into the sea on Thursday.

SEOUL, South Korea — North Korea responded Thursday to new sanctions from South Korea by firing short-range ballistic missiles into the sea in a show of defiance and vowing to “liquidate” all remaining South Korean assets at former cooperative projects in the North.

The moves are the latest in an escalating standoff between the Koreas that began in January when North Korea detonated what it said was an “H-bomb of justice,” its fourth nuclear test. Since then, the North has launched a long-range rocket and the South has shut a jointly run factory park, slapped sanctions on the North, and begun large-scale war games with the United States. North Korea responded by threatening nuclear strikes on South Korea and the U.S. mainland.

The missile firing Thursday came a day after North Korean media printed photos of what appeared to be a mock-up of a nuclear warhead.….. [read more]

South Korean scientists clone Ice Age lions after finding cubs frozen in PERFECT condition

SCIENTISTS have begun work on a bid to clone extinct cave lions after the discovery of two ancient cubs in perfect condition in the Siberian permafrost.

The effort is being made by a South Korean team already seeking to bring back to life the long-gone woolly mammoth.

Controversial cloning guru Hwang Woo-suk was in the Russian city of Yakutsk this week to supervise the removal of samples of skin and muscle tissue from a young cave lion which died at least 12,000 years ago…….

LHWM Notes: 10 No one is so fierce [and foolhardy] that he dares to stir up [the crocodile]; who then is he who can stand before Me [the beast’s Creator, or dares to contend with Me]?

11 Who has first given to Me, that I should repay him? Whatever is under the whole heavens is Mine. [Therefore, who can have a claim against God, God Who made the unmastered crocodile?]

34 He looks all mighty [beasts of prey] in the face [without terror]; he is monarch over all the sons of pride. [And now, Job, [a]who are you who dares not arouse the unmastered crocodile, yet who dares resist Me, the beast’s Creator, to My face? Everything under the heavens is Mine; therefore, who can have a claim against God?]

We are crossing a line when we play god!!

South Korean scientists clone Ice Age lions after finding cubs frozen in PERFECT condition
Sat, 05 Mar 2016 17:11:00 GMT