American Runs Through ISIS Gunfire To Save Little Girl In Mosul

Aid worker and former U.S. special forces soldier David Eubank, 56, was captured on video heroically saving a young girl in Mosul, Iraq, by running through ISIS gunfire.

Eubank made the brave decision to run though the gunfire after he spotted what appeared to be two live children among a heap of civilians murdered by ISIS snipers.

“There was a woman sprawled on her face. Dead,” said Eubank. “A baby, all shot up. Dead. Near them, two old people. Dead. And then you realize all those lumps of rags were kids. Dead dead dead.”

“Then, in the distance, Eubank noticed movement among a group of corpses clustered before a wall pocked by bullets: A half-naked toddler stumbled over the bodies; a girl of about 5 peeked from under the hijab of her dead mother; propped up against the wall, a wounded man waved for help,” explains the LA Times… read more

Sarah’s last journal entry before she went Home!

nullATLANTA — A church bus carrying high school students and adults has crashed in the Atlanta area.

A law enforcement source said one person was killed in the crash, CBS affiliate WGCL-TV reports. The victim’s identity is being withheld pending family notification.

At least 21 were people were injured, and nine were immediately taken to nearby hospitals, Fulton County Fire Department Chief Larry Few said. Two of the victims were critically injured, The Associated Press reported…. read more

From her Mom: “This is Sarah’s last journal entry before she went Home!”

This afternoon the Mt. Zion Baptist Church bus was in a terrible crash as 40 students with chaperons were on their way to the Atlanta airport to go share their love with children in Botswana, Africa. At some moment before that crash, Sarah took the time, while riding on the bus to read her Bible and write this, her last journal entry.

Please pray for the Sarah’s family, and the families of all of those injured! Pray for our community in this time of grief!

The love she had for the Lord and others can clearly be seen! She wanted to share the Love of God around the world, and I pray that this will be done!

-Sarah Harmening. June 8, 2017

The letter says:

“I was just sitting here on the bus, feeling a little sad. I guess because I’m going to be gone so long and I was a little uncomfortable. Then I decided to read my Bible. I prayed and opened up to 1 Peter 5 and 2 Peter 1. Pretty much everything I read applies to me now. It talked about watching over the flock entrusted to you, which would be my little buddies in Botswana, humbling yourself which I will need to do (and that also means being a little uncomfortable), it talked about the devil prowling about like a lion seeking whom he may devour, which he will especially be doing on this mission trip, and how we need to be alert and of sober mind, and lastly, how we get to participate in his divine nature! I mean, how awesome is that? So mostly, I was just reminded of why I’m here and that God has called me here and he’s done so for a reason. So I know he’s going to do incredible things.”

Full source located here

Driver crunched between two semis believes God saved his life

Kaleb Whitby between two semisEvery side of his pickup truck was completely smashed and compacted after Kaleb Whitby struck a semi from behind and was then hit by another semi in a highway pileup caused by morning fog and black ice.

Whitby literally walked away unscathed – with just two Band-Aids – after his Chevy Silverado was banged, spun, and ultimately came to rest in the vice-grip of parallel semi trucks. By God’s protective hand, he narrowly escaped death.

“I do believe in God. I do believe He protected me,” Kaleb told “I don’t know if it was an army of angels that held those trucks apart, but I know it wasn’t my strength. I have faith that somebody was there to protect me.”… read more

Emily Galiano’s Full Story – Our Hearts Go Out To The Family

A 14-year-old softball player at Forney (Texas) High School was tragically killed leaving a team dinner when she fell as a car reversed to leave the event and was run over.

As reported by Dallas-Fort Worth CW affiliate KDAF, Forney freshman Emily Galiano was pronounced dead Tuesday nightshortly after she was airlifted to Baylor Medical Center in Dallas. The teen was run over by a teammate when a group of team members were piling into a Jeep. The driver began to move the car precisely as Galiano slipped and she was run over almost instantly…. read more

Randy Wade – May 17 at 10:10pm · FOX 4 News did a nice segment on the life of Emily Galiano but they left out the most important thing that can be said about her. There was a time in Emily’s life when she recognized her need for a Savior. Upon that recognition she confessed her need to God and received the LIFE of Christ. It breaks our hearts to say goodbye to such a special young lady but…..we do not mourn as those who have no hope because Emily knows Jesus and is now in His presence!
The reporter also asked me what I say to someone who is asking “Why?” This is a fair question and I believe at the most basic level the answer is “Because the world is broken.” The world has been broken since the moment sin became a reality. When God originally created everything there was no pain, no sorrow… death. All of that changed when sin opposed the wisdom of God. Everything changed in that moment. On this side of eternity we have to deal with the impact and tragedy of physical death because of the brokenness that surrounds us.

The good news is Jesus has already defeated eternal death through His resurrection and offers forgiveness and eternal victory over death to all who place their faith in Him. Our hope isn’t in the momentary afflictions but in the promise that one day God will make all things new.

I wish the media would have told the whole story because the whole story provides hope. The whole story points us to Jesus. The whole story gently breathes hope into our hearts.

Emily had placed her faith…..her life in the hands of God and we can grieve with hope because He now holds her in His presence. [full source]

Mama goose leads Cincinnati officer to tangled gosling

Cincinnati officers rescue tangled goslingCINCINNATI —
It’s a rescue some officer never imagined they would have to make but two Cincinnati police officers helped a tangled goose.

Most of us dial 911, but this time it was a peck that caught the attention of Sgt. James Givens.

But there was something more: when Givens eventually followed the goose, he found her gosling all tangled up in the string of a balloon.

“It isn’t going to live long because it was all around its neck, his feet, his body, and I didn’t want to get too close cause I heard they will attack you,” said Givens…. read more

lhwm notes: Sweet story!