Henan government requires religious practitioners to register, expands reach

(Anyang, Henan—April 11, 2018) A government order is demanding that Christians, Buddhists, Taoists, and Muslims register with the government in Anyang, a city in China’s central Henan province, ChinaAid learned recently.

However, an anonymous Christian who spoke with ChinaAid on Thursday, said that the government is only persecuting Christians. “In the past two months, the government banned all Catholic churches and (Protestant) house churches, and that didn’t happen to any other religions.”

The officer answering the phone at the Pingyuan Neighborhood Committee reiterated that all residents who have religious beliefs were required to register. However, she did not think it was a serious situation. “Bring your household registration and ID card to register,” she said. “Fill out a form, fill in your name, birth date, address, religious background, when you converted, the religious background of your family members, etc.”more

This will be world wide, America has not experienced something like this but it is coming. For those going around professing to be a Christian, are you ready to put that on Paper? We want to be more than a professing Christian we want to be a follower of Christ and a Believer!

Revelation 3:16 KJV  So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.


How God Used Hostages to Change the Hearts of Four Radical Islamic Terrorists

(Photo by Sergio Dionisio/Getty Images)Gracia Burnham, a missionary from Kansas, was abducted by Islamic terrorists in the Philippine jungle around 15 years ago. Burnham and her husband, Martin, served through the mission organization, New Tribes Mission (now Ethnos360) when they were subsequently taken hostage by militants in May of 2001. 20 people were kidnapped by Abu Sayyaf militants, a terrorist group from the Dos Palmas Resort in Palawan.

The group was held hostage for 376 days, until they were set free in June 2002. She fled after a gun battle took place with the Filipino military, that took her husbands life.

After 15 years of being free, Burnham reflects on how her time in captivity demonstrated how she failed to see the bigger plan in store for her…. more

This Group Slaughtered 225 Christians in March Alone but World Is Silent

Political Shades 3D Map of Nigeria
A shocking 225 Christians were massacred in Nigeria in March by the radical Fulani herdsmen, according to a watchdog group. Yet the Nigerian government and Western media are failing to take adequate notice of the severity of the escalating crisis, the group said.

International Christian Concern, which monitors attacks on Christians around the world and has been shining a focus on Nigeria, said last week that followers of Christ suffered 27 attacks by the Fulani in March alone.

The raids, mostly in the Plateau and Taraba states, led to the deaths of 225 Christians, along with the destruction of homes and and displacement of thousands of families…. more

Christian Missionary Details His Time in Sudanese Prison, Sharing a Cell With ISIS Members

VIENNA, VA. — Czech missionary Petr Jasek shared Saturday how God spared him from waterboard torture at the hands of Islamic State extremists and eventually used him to lead fellow inmates to Christ during his 14-month imprisonment in Sudan.

For the first time since he was released from a Sudanese prison last year, the Africa regional director for Voice of the Martyrs detailed the horrifying story of his detainment at one of the mission organization’s all-day conferences in the United States.

Jasek was among a handful of Christians who shared their testimonies before hundreds gathered at the McLean Bible Church in Vienna, Virginia for the VOM Advance Conference.

Jasek told the audience that he is “living proof that our Lord answers our prayers.”… more

Chinese Government Reinterpreting The Bible For The Masses

A page boy holds up a bible during a Christmas mass at a Catholic church in Beijing December 24, 2014. Christmas is not a traditional festival in China but is growing in popularity, especially in more metropolitan areas where young people go out to celebrate, give gifts and decorate their homes. The words on the cover read, "gospel". REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon | China Reinterprets Bible For The MassesThe Chinese government removed Bibles from online stores after announcing it is working on re-interpreting and translating the Bible so it conform to “Chinese-style Christianity.”

The Chinese government announced the impending “Chinese-style” reinterpretation of the Christian scriptures via an official document, “Principle for Promoting the Chinese Christianity in China for the Next Five Years (2018-2022),” released in Nanjing on March 28, according to ABC. Soon thereafter, online shoppers in China noticed Bibles were no longer available for online purchase in the country — neither digital nor print…. more

Please pray for this nation. Can you imagine living in a country where you do not have the freedom to read your Holy Bible and you are forced to conform to their religion. Well believe it or not this is coming but his name will be the Antichrist and he will force everyone who is left to worship him. In the meantime there will be ministries (like Open Doors) who will secretly send bibles to this country. Pray they make it there and pray for the Christians in China to not lose hope!

Through Many Tribulations

One-night last month, one of the world’s most famous landmarks, the Colosseum in Rome, glowed red. According to Vatican News, officials bathed the ancient arena in red light “as a sign of solidarity with all those who are persecuted for their faith.”

Before now, had you heard about that? Usually, western media outlets look for stories with dramatic imagery. The Colosseum’s famous silhouette, bathed in red against a stark, black backdrop, would seem to fit the bill. They also love a story with a good twist. Officials used the Colosseum, once a symbol of Christian persecution, to strike a blow against such persecution. But despite an interesting, ready-made story, the media paid little attention.

To cover it would mean admitting that there is a story here. And once they admit that, they will have to explain that the story is huge and ongoing — especially in Nigeria. Giulio Meotti, writing for the Gatestone Institute, said, “The West does not seem to care about the ongoing Islamic terrorist genocide on Africa’s biggest Christian population in Nigeria.”… more

Pakistan activists say court ruling threatens minorities

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Rights activists in Pakistan expressed concern Sunday over a court ruling that would require people to declare their religion on all official documents, saying it could lead to the persecution of minorities, particularly adherents of the Ahmadi faith.

The Islamabad High Court ruling on Friday also requires that citizens take a religious oath upon joining the civil service, armed forces or judiciary.

Zohra Yusuf, a board member at the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, called the ruling “very dangerous.” She said her group would issue a statement in the coming days.

Religion is someone’s personal affair, not a matter of public display,” she said. “The oath thing is nothing but discrimination, and would show the government has no belief that minorities too are patriotic.”… more

Can you imagine this happening in America? Do you believe this will happen America? If it did what would you put down?


From early childhood, Bassem Herz Attalhah loved the church and was a man of prayer and worship.

Our persecuted family in Egypt (#17 on the World Watch List) continues to see increased violence and bloodshed. The war on Christianity in Egypt is intensifying. In 2017, 130 Christians were reportedly killed for their faith, including an attack on a church south of Cairo on Dec. 29, 2017. 2018 begins with the death of a devoted Christ follower and a vow from militants to kill more Coptic Christians. 

“Are you Christian?”

The 27-year-old husband and father of five Bassem Herz Attalhah didn’t hesitate to answer.

“Yes, I am Christian,” he told his attackers and then immediately proclaimed his faith a second time in a loud voice:  “Yes, I am Christian.”  


Bassem was on his way home from work in El-Arish, where he and his brother, Osama, had opened a mobile phone shop. He was with Osama and their neighbor and friend Mohamed when three men stopped them and asked Bassem to show them the wrist of his right hand (Coptic Christians “wear” a small black tattoo of a cross on their right wrist–a visible reminder and sign of their faith and also a form of identification since many churches station security at their doors to check that those entering are Christians)…. more