United States withholds $65 million in funds for UNWRA

1024px-Small_Flag_of_the_United_Nations_ZP.svg.pngUS State Department confirms it will withhold more than half of funds for 2018; US calls on other countries to “burden share”; PLO: Act is Trump Administration complicity with the Israeli occupation.

The United States confirmed it is withholding $65 million in aid to the United Nations Relief Works Agency for Palestinian refugees (UNRWA) for 2018.

The US State Department confirmed it would withhold half of its designated $125 million for 2018, calling on other nations to contribute more to the organization.

Spokeswoman for the State Department, Heather Nauert, addressed the development during a press briefing on Tuesday, confirming “We committed a voluntary contribution of $60 million for 2018 so far. This will be divided into tranches. Sixty million is what we have indicated as the first available tranche.” She explained that the funds would be used “to sustain schools and health services to ensure that teachers and also health care providers can be paid their salaries,” as well as in order to assure programs would not be shut down given lack of funds…. more


Stage Being Set For Jerusalem

God is preparing for His Son’s return and the one statement made by one man (President Trump) has brought the world closer to the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy. God is warning and Christ is coming. President Trump became president through the sovereignty of God and he has a very specific purpose one of them being Israel and Jerusalem.

Many countries do not agree with what Trump is about to do. Turkey made a statement that said “calling Jerusalem Israel capital will draw Muslim anger. [3]”

They gone on to say “This can go as far as severing Turkey’s ties with Israel. I am warning the United States not to take such a step which will deepen the problems in the region,” Cavusoglu said. “We have to warn the United States that such a decision will be against the U.N. resolutions and international law and international agreements. [3]”… more

In late-night vote, Knesset passes law to hinder East Jerusalem withdrawal

The Times of Israel: Lawmakers approved a bill in the early hours Tuesday that requires a special two-thirds majority vote in the Knesset to relinquish any part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians under a future peace accord.

The bill passed its second and third readings by a majority of 64 in favor, 51 against, and one abstention.

The law, which was proposed by Jewish Home MK Shuli Moalem-Refaeli and had the coalition’s backing, is designed to make it much harder to divide the city, which Israel claims as its undivided capital. The Palestinians claim East Jerusalem as the capital of a future state. more …

Opinion by BIBLE PROPHECY TRACKER: Despite President Trump’s bold stance declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the final status was left up to the parties, leaving the city open to be divided if the two parties agree.

“Today’s actions — recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and announcing the relocation of our embassy — do not reflect a departure from the strong commitment of the United States to facilitating a lasting peace agreement. The United States continues to take no position on any final status issues. The specific boundaries of Israeli sovereignty in Jerusalem are subject to final status negotiations between the parties. The United States is not taking a position on boundaries or border.”

Keep in mind that East Jerusalem is where the temple mount is located and the bill passed last week by the Knesset makes it very difficult to divide east from west Jerusalem.

Despite the Israeli victory in 1967 the international community (UN, EU etc.) view East Jerusalem as Palestinian territory under Israeli military occupation. The same international community, as well as most Christian denominations and charities clearly take the side of the Palestinians.

Israeli law identifies Jerusalem as Israel’s “complete and united” capital. Period.

It is interesting to note here that only one Christian denomination, the evangelical movement of 18-19th century, which corresponds with the time Jewish people began making their 1st aliyah, the restoration of Hebrew as a language, the Church at Philadelphia (Rev. 3:7-13) and the beginning of Dispensational Theology:

Philadelphia led the church back to a:

  • Literal interpretation of Scripture
  • Pre-tribulation rapture
  • 1000-year literal reign of Christ on earth

So what does Bible prophecy have to say on the division of Jerusalem:

“Behold, the day of the Lord is coming,
And your spoil will be divided in your midst.
For I will gather all the nations to battle against Jerusalem;
The city shall be taken,
The houses rifled,
And the women ravished.
Half of the city shall go into captivity,
But the remnant of the people shall not be cut off from the city.” Zechariah 14:1-2

The scene is late in the tribulation just before the triumphant return of Jesus. Gentile armies will have a fleeting taste of victory in a brief conquest of the city:

Then the Lord will go forth
And fight against those nations,
As He fights in the day of battle.” Zechariah 14:3

The Lord will go forth indicates a military campaign as the Lord leads the battle as a warrior against the forces of Antichrist:

“And in that day His feet will stand on the Mount of Olives …” Zechariah 14:4

With the victory, the world will enter the time of 1000 years of peace Revelation 20:1-4.


A few more deep anti-Semitic thoughts from the new Islamist face of the left.

On December 9th, taking to her Facebook account, Linda Sarsour justified Palestinian terrorism:

In context of what’s happening in Palestine in response to the announcement about Jerusalem and in general living under the longest and most brutal military occupation – we have to get a few things straight.

Nobody gets to tell an occupied people how to respond to their own oppression and the continued stripping of their humanity, agency and land whether they are Palestinians or not. Nobody. Oppressed people determine how, when and where to resist. They set the parameters. You don’t have to agree. Unless you have lived in their condition under the boot of a racist, supremacist, violent regime that sees them as less than human – you have no say in this conversation…

Good to know that the laws of warfare don’t apply to oppressed peoples under the boot of a racist, supremacist, violent regime…. more


Xi Jinping, Mahmoud Abbas in China, July 2017Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas dispatched delegations to Moscow and Beijing on Tuesday, as part of efforts to find new sponsorship for the peace process, Palestinian news agency Wafa reported.

The move came as Ahmad Majdalani, a PLO executive committee member who is leading the delegation to China, ruled out any Palestinian officials meeting with US peace process envoy Jason Greenblatt during his upcoming visit to the region. “No one from the Palestinian side is going to meet with Jason Greenblatt, officially or unofficially,” Majdalani told The Jerusalem Post.

Majdalani told the Voice of Palestine radio station that the delegations would carry a message from Abbas to Russia and China about finding new sponsorship for the peace process within the framework of the UN to replace US sponsorship… more

Do American taxpayers know they’re funding Palestinian terrorists?

Do American taxpayers know they’re funding Palestinian terrorists?…. But now we’ve learned something new. The Palestinian Authority does not only celebrate terror, it actually funds it. And it does so with American taxpayer money.

The facts are straightforward. Every year the United States gives nearly half a billion dollars to Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian Authority. The overwhelming majority of that money, or the equivalent thereof, is used to provide the payroll for Palestinian terrorists who have murdered Israelis and Americans.

Among those murdered in the most recent wave of terror was Taylor Force, a graduate of the US Military Academy at West Point and a veteran of both wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist during a visit to Israel, while he was innocently paying a visit to the Tel-Aviv boardwalk. The man who killed him, 21-year-old Bashar Masalha, was later killed by police. But his family now receives a monthly stipend three times larger than the average annual Palestinian income – all courtesy of the Palestinian Authority and, by extension, their American benefactors…. more

Clashes, riots & violence in West Bank, Jerusalem & Gaza Strip as Palestinians mark “Day of Rage”

PATens of thousands of Palestinians demonstrate with clashes, riots & violence in West Bank, Jerusalem & Gaza Strip; Hundreds of Palestinians injured in clashes with Israeli forces in West Bank; IDF increases forces throughout West Bank and Jerusalem; Rockets fired from Gaza into Israel last night, IAF retaliated, Dec. 8, 2017.

Riots, demonstrations and clashes broke out between Palestinians with IDF and Israeli security forces throughout the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza Strip on Friday, following the United States recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Hamas and factions of the Palestinian Authority called on Palestinians to take part in a “Day of Rage” Friday, thousands of Palestinians taking to the streets of Gaza Friday denouncing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

Hamas political chief Ismail Haniyeh continues to call on Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and Arab Israelis to start an intifada, stating on Friday “We want the uprising to last and continue to let Trump and the occupation [Israel] regret this decision.” He previously warned that Trump’s decision “will open the gates of hell on US interests in the region.”… read more

Taxpayers Funding Terrorism: How the P.A. Uses Millions of US Dollars for ‘Pay-to-Slay’

Palestinian Authority Online Incitement, Photo, Courtesy PMWJERUSALEM, Israel – A House subcommittee unanimously passed a bill that paves the way for cutting U.S. funding to the Palestinian Authority if it doesn’t stop paying salaries to terrorists who kill Israelis – what some call “pay to slay.”

What would you say if you found out your tax dollars were indirectly going to pay Palestinian Arab terrorists to murder Israeli Jews and others? That’s just what’s happening.

“Since 2003, it has been Palestinian law to reward Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails with a monthly paycheck. Palestinian leadership also pays the families of Palestinian prisoners and suicide bombers. These policies incentivize terrorism,” Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., said…. read more