Netanyahu to UN chief: Iran wants to use Syria and Lebanon as war fronts in its declared goal to eradicate Israel.

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 11.44.48.pngNetanyahu met with UN Secretary General in Jerusalem Monday; Guterres met with IDF Intelligence head Tuesday; Guterres to meet with Abbas Tuesday; PM: It is our right not to allow this noose to tighten around Israel.

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres in Jerusalem Monday, their meeting centered on Iran and Hezbollah’s efforts against Israel, as well as on the United Nations ongoing anti-Israel bias and efforts…. read more


Houstonian G.H.W. Bush birthed the peace-process, Dallasite G.W. Bush birthed the two-state plan, Houston floods & Texas catastrophes; Trump and Kushner peace push

Note: The expanded version of “Eye to Eye – Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel” will be available September 7. It will have a total of 576 pages and 60 percent new content. The replacement theology chapter has been updated. The catastrophes and/or events that occurred during President George W. Bush’s final four-year term, President Barack Obama’s two four-year terms and the first seven months of President Trump’s first term are documented. It will be now include Hurricane Harvey. There is also a new chapter on Benjamin Netanyahu.

By Bill Koenig

  • The Kushner-Greenblatt-Powell Chronology in MIddle East and Israel from August 20 to August 24, 2017
  • President Trump’s first national disaster
  • Harvey ‘came back to life’ after three and a half days as a remnant
  • Houston has been a ‘bulls-eye’ for major flooding catastrophes and no U.S. state has had more catastrophes than Texas since 1991
  • Houston resident President George H.W. Bush began the ‘land for peace process’ in Israel on October 30, 1991 and the two-state plan was birthed by Dallas resident George W. Bush on June 24, 2002…. read more

Netanyahu in France: Israel cannot allow the establishment of the Iran’s military and its proxies in Syria

PM and Macron meet in Paris, participate in ceremony for 75th anniversary of French Jewish deportation to concentration camps; Netanyahu addressed US-Russia ceasefire, Temple Mount security; Macron focuses on two-state solution

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Élysée Palace in Paris on Sunday as part of his tour to France and Hungary this week.

Their meeting centered on bilateral relations, security and economic cooperation with both leaders addressing the press.<!–more–>

Burying Obama’s legacy

It may very well be that this week was the week that Israel and the US put to rest former president Barack Obama’s policies and positions on Israel and the Palestinians.

If so, the move was made despite the best efforts of Obama’s team to convince the Trump administration to maintain them.

The details of Obama’s policies and positions have been revealed in recent weeks in a series of articles published in Haaretz regarding Obama’s secretary of state John Kerry’s failed peacemaking efforts, which ended in 2014.

The articles reported segments of two drafts of a US framework for a final peace treaty between the PLO and Israel. The drafts were created in February and March 2014.

The article series is predicated on the assumption that Kerry and his team were on the precipice of a historic breakthrough between PLO chief Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. But a close reading of the documents shows that the opposite was the case.

There are two reasons that Kerry had no prospects for reaching a deal.

First, he, Obama and their advisers were too hostile to Israel and its citizens to ever convince Netanyahu that Israel’s interests would be secured…. read more

Netanyahu: Britain and Israel see “eye to eye” on nuclear Iran

Leaders meet in London, agree to move forward with bilateral free trade agreements in areas of technology, economy and cyber security; Netanyahu on settlements: We clear the territory, and it becomes a stronghold of Iran or Islamic State, or both, so we cannot enter an imagined reality.

During his visit to Britain to meet with Prime Minister May on Monday, Prime Minister Netanyahu confirmed that both states see “eye to eye” on nuclear Iran.

Netanyahu met with May on Monday ahead of a diplomatic visit to Belgium before returning to Israel on Tuesday. Speaking to the press following their meeting, Netanyahu confirmed that Israel and Britain see “eye to eye on the grave danger that stems from Iran’s buildup and aggression, and its expansion into vast areas, as well as consequences for Iran should its aggression continue.”… [read more]

Israeli Police Enter Netanyahu’s Home For Questioning Over Corruption Allegations

As the Obama administration shunned Israel last week, we warned that police were calling on Israeli Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit to allow them to open a full criminal investigation against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Today, as Channel 2 reports, Israeli police entered Bibi’s home for questioning. The prime minister was quick to react, blasting “don’t celebrate too soon over corruption probe.”

As we detailed last week, on Monday, December 26th, Israeli police announced that they are absolutely convinced that a criminal investigation will be opened in the next few days due to new documents that were recently received in a special inquiry that began about 9 months ago.

The offenses that Netanyahu allegedly will face will be bribery and aggravated-fraud. In June it was reported that police had recently started their secret investigation, with demand that no details be leaked to the media.

Attorney General Mandelblit also allegedly instructed employees in the state prosecutor’s office to investigate allegations that Netanyahu accepted 1 million euros (about $1.1 million) from accused French fraudster Arnaud Mimran in 2009.

Earlier in December, in an apparently unrelated case, there were calls for the Netanyahu to be investigated for his role in a Defense Ministry deal to purchase submarines from a German company that is partly owned by the Iranian government… [read more]

Israel Seeking Ways to Help Syrians Fleeing Aleppo

netanyahuJERUSALEM, Israel – Israel is looking for ways to help wounded Syrian women and children, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

“We see the tragedy, the terrible suffering of civilians,” Netanyahu said.

Speaking to the Foreign Press corps during an annual New Year’s party hosted by the Government Press Office (GPO), Netanyahu said he wants to bring the wounded to Israeli hospitals.

“I’ve asked the Foreign Ministry to seek ways to extend our medical assistance to the civilian casualties of the Syrian tragedy, specifically in Aleppo, where we’re prepared to take in wounded women and children and also men if they’re not combatants,” Netanyahu said.

Syria and Israel have no diplomatic ties. For years, Syria bombarded Israeli civilians living around the Sea of Galilee until Israel took over the Golan Heights during the 1967 Six-Day War…. [read more]

Israel Makes BOLD MOVE Suspending “Working Ties” with Countries that Voted For U.N. Resolution

Israel is still reeling from the United Nations backstabbing they received, courtesy of the United States of America, who abstained from a resolution vote that labeled Israeli buildings in the West Bank as “illegal,” instead of stopping it with a veto.

Now, Israel is fighting back, suspending “working ties” with the countries that voted for the resolution.

From New York Daily News:

Israel suspended Monday “working ties” with 12 nations that voted for a United Nations resolution condemning settlements, according to a new report.

The curbing of diplomatic ties, reported by CNN, comes after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vow last week to exact a “diplomatic and economic price” from the countries on the UN Security Council that passed the resolution, 14-0…. [read more]