Target bathroom policy: Another innocent child victim

Target bathroom policy: Another innocent child victimWhile Target remains steadfast in allowing men to enter women’s dressing and restrooms, the number of child victims of sexual crimes occurring in its stores continues to rise.

Last week, in a Chicago area Target store, a man forced himself into a bathroom stall being occupied by a young child and sexually exposed his private parts to her. The man ran away before police could arrive.

According to news reports, the incident happened in the middle of the afternoon on Sunday, March 25.

No Target employee questioned the man or attempted to stop him from entering the women’s restroom because Target’s official policy allows men free and unrestricted access. This policy has resulted in over a dozen crimes being committed by sexual predators taking advantage of it…. more

We gave up target the day they announced the sharing of bathrooms with opposite sex. We have not been back since then and will continue to go elsewhere. This is sad and very disappointing that this company does not want to protect innocent children.



Target CEO admits policy announcement was huge mistake

Target CEO admits policy announcement was huge mistake“Target didn’t adequately assess the risk, and the ensuing backlash [AFA boycott] was self-inflicted.” – Target CEO Brian Cornell

A very damaging article just out from the Wall Street Journal clearly shows that Target CEO Brian Cornell regrets his company’s policy announcement welcoming men to use women’s restrooms and dressing rooms.

According to the article, Mr. Cornell expressed frustration about how the bathroom policy was publicized without his permission or knowledge, and told colleagues he wouldn’t have approved the decision to flaunt it with a public statement that is still on Target’s website today.

“Target didn’t adequately assess the risk, and the ensuing backlash [AFA boycott] was self-inflicted,” he told staff…. read more

Sign the Boycott Target Pledge!

An update from AFA President, Tim WildmonAFA Target boycott crashes corporate earnings

AFA’s 1.4 million supporters are dealing a crippling blow to Target over their dangerous bathroom policy. The Target boycott, launched in April 2016, is causing a significant drop in foot traffic to the store. Effects of the boycott are clear in Target’s financial report released February 28. The report indicated a dramatic drop in Target’s sales and earningsduring October, November, and December. This bad news for Target resulted in the company’s stock value dropping 13 percenton the day of the report…..

NFL Warning that Future Super Bowls Won’t Come to Texas if State Enacts Bathroom Bill

"If a proposal that is discriminatory or inconsistent with our values were to become law (in Texas), that would certainly be a factor considered when thinking about awarding future events," NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy said

Buoyed by several sports leagues punishing the State of North Carolina over its bathroom bill, the National Football League now warns that it will boycott the State of Texas, blocking future Super Bowl games, if Texas enacts a similar law.

The Lone Star State has been mulling a law mandating that people can only use bathrooms and changing facilities that match up with their birth gender and barring transgender people from choosing whichever bathroom they feel like using at any given time.

“Legislation to protect women’s privacy and business is essential to assure that sexual predators … will not be able to freely enter women’s restrooms, locker rooms or showers,”Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said in a statement.

But now the NFL is warning Texas against enacting such a law…. [read more]

lhwm opinion: We are located in Texas and as someone who lives here, we personally do not want this bill to placed as a law. We particular do not want to go somewhere and be concerned about people lying to use the restroom for their gain and cause someone to be hurt. We hope NFL sticks to their word if Texas does initiate such a law. Believer’s we need prayers that this does not happen. We pray for our enemies, but we need to speak up and not shy away at a time like this. Pray!

Psalm 140 Good News Translation (GNT)

A Prayer for Protection
1 Save me, Lord, from evildoers; keep me safe from violent people. 2 They are always plotting evil, always stirring up quarrels. 3 Their tongues are like deadly snakes; their words are like a cobra’s poison. 4 Protect me, Lord, from the power of the wicked; keep me safe from violent people who plot my downfall. 5 The proud have set a trap for me; they have laid their snares, and along the path they have set traps to catch me. 6 I say to the Lord, “You are my God.” Hear my cry for help, Lord! 7 My Sovereign Lord, my strong defender, you have protected me in battle. 8 Lord, don’t give the wicked what they want; don’t let their plots succeed. 9 Don’t let my enemies be victorious; make their threats against me fall back on them. 10 May red-hot coals fall on them; may they be thrown into a pit and never get out. 11 May those who accuse others falsely not succeed; may evil overtake violent people and destroy them. 12 Lord, I know that you defend the cause of the poor and the rights of the needy. 13 The righteous will praise you indeed; they will live in your presence.

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North Carolina’s Lt. Governor Just Gave an Epic Response to the NCAA

Dan Forest
North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest gave an epic response to the NCAA’s decision to pull several championship sporting events from his state as a result of a law that prohibits opposite-sex use of private facilities, like bathrooms. (Video Screenshot Image)

The NCAA became the latest sports organization to pull events out of the state of North Carolina following its decision to ban opposite-sex use of bathrooms, showers and locker rooms.

As a result of the “controversial” House Bill 2, the NCAA yanked seven championship tournament events across several sports, including several 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament games slated for Greensboro next spring, from the state. The decision applies only for the 2016-17 academic year.

But Lt. Gov. Dan Forest offered an epic response:

The NCAA’s action sends a message to every female athlete and female fan attending their events that their privacy and security in a bathroom, shower or locker room isn’t worth the price of a ticket to a ballgame.

We have seen the NCAA’s attitude toward women before when they stood by and did nothing during the rapes at Baylor. For years, we’ve seen the NBA turn a blind eye toward women victims of domestic abuse at the hands of their star players.

Why should we be surprised now at the NCAA continuing this pattern of discrimination and degradation of women? The line has now been drawn in the sand, first by Hollywood, now by the NBA and NCAA, either accept their ‘progressive sexual agenda’ or pay the price.

North Carolina will not play that game. We value our women too much to put a price tag on their heads. 

[FULL SOURCE by Charisma News]

lhwm notes: How refreshing to hear common sense and someone not covering up the truth.  

Judge temporarily blocks Obama school transgender bathroom policy

WASHINGTON (CNN) – A federal judge in Texas has issued a nationwide injunction barring federal government agencies from taking action against school districts that don’t follow the Obama administration’s guidance on transgender bathroom policies in schools.

The judge granted a preliminary injunction sought by Texas and several other states challenging the Obama administration’s interpretation of Title IX, which prohibits sex discrimination in schools, colleges and universities. The administration interprets Title IX to include discrimination based on gender identity.

The ruling was issued by Judge Reed O’Connor of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Texas, late Sunday night before many students across Texas and other states commenced their school year. Supporters of LGBT rights say the administration’s guidance was necessary to ensure that transgender students are able to use the bathroom that corresponds with their gender identity….. [read more]

LHWM Notes: We pray for this Judge to continue to stand in this decision.

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory fires back at NBA decision over All-Star Game

North Carolina governor Pat McCrory, who signed the discriminatory House Bill 2, continues to stand by the controversial law that reversed a Charlotte ordinance extending rights to members of the LGBT community.

The NBA’s decision to relocate the All-Star Weekend on Thursday — which will cost the state an estimated $100 million — left McCrory fuming.

“The sports and entertainment elite, Attorney General Roy Cooper and the liberal media have for months misrepresented our laws and maligned the people of North Carolina simply because most people believe boys and girls should be able to use school bathrooms, locker rooms and showers without the opposite sex present,” McCrory said in a statement….. [read more]

LHWM Notes: Matthew 6:24 “No one can serve two masters. For you will hate one and love the other; you will be devoted to one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.

What a war between protecting the innocent or keeping the big bucks.

Iowa: ‘Some’ churches must comply with transgender bathroom laws

Is a church a place of public accommodation and if so – are congregations required to follow anti-discrimination laws regarding gender and sexual orientation?

That’s the issue raised by a brochure published by the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. They contend that any church that opens its doors to the public would be required to comply with sexual orientation and gender identity laws.

It’s unclear when the Commission’s brochure was published, but it clearly outlines their interpretation of the 2007 Iowa Civil Rights Act – known as Iowa Code Chapter 216.

First Liberty Institute is representing Cornerstone World Outreach, a Sioux City church that fears it may be in violation of the statute…… [read more]

Creepy peepers! Target hit with wave of men snooping on teens

It’s an alarming trend that may have America’s dads and husbands standing watch outside their daughters’ and wives’ dressing rooms: Barely months after Target announced its plan to let men enter women’s facilities, teenage girls and women across America are catching creepy men secretly filming them while they change clothes.

New reports of Target’s peeping toms have surfaced in North Dakota, Massachusetts, Texas and Ohio. According to a 16-year-old girl who visited a Target in Bismark, North Dakota, a man positioned a phone under her door with the camera facing up. “When she walked out, the man entered a different dressing room,” reported WDAY-6 in Fargo, North Dakota…. [read more]

LHWM Notes: Well Target is no longer a store to shop at. They are now exactly what their name represents a TARGET for innocent children and women for men to prey on!
Target means – a person, object, or place selected as the aim of an attack. (synonyms: prey, quarry, game, kill)
Targeting means – select as an object of attention or attack.