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Gang stole ministry’s van, set it on fire, but Bible inside led gang member to Christ

His name is Agustin, and he lives in Argentina. Like most of Every Home for Christ’s global workers, Agustin doesn’t have a lot of money, and he works very hard for what he has. But like all of us, from time to time, Agustin is faced with a difficult choice. Is sharing the Gospel worth it? Should he even continue? After what he’d been through, many people would throw in the towel. But Agustin decided not to, and because of that decision, he witnessed how God can weave the tangled threads of devastation into a beautiful tapestry of grace.

It happened late last year when Agustin and several other EHC workers were evangelizing their gang-infested community on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The team members were fully aware of the danger, but they were committed to sharing the Gospel with the gangs, drug addicts and prostitutes that control their neighborhood. However, what happened that unforgettable night would cause Agustin to question if the risk was worth the reward…. [read this amzing story]

Brazil sends 1,200 troops to city of Natal after gangs start all-out war on govt

The Brazilian government authorized sending 1,200 troops to the Rio Grande do Norte capital, Natal, to quell gang uprisings, now in their third day. Urban unrest exploded when the government decided to jam cellular coverage in a local prison.

So far 52 arrests have been made of people suspected of involvement in the attacks. According to Portalnoar, a total of 53 cases of debauchery and destruction of property were reported by Sunday night. Government and other buildings also sustained heavy gunfire. Unrest was experienced in 20 municipalities, according to the Secretariat of Security.

I’m very sad about what’s happening in my hometown right now. Praying to God to protect everybody! 🙏🏾
— Claudia Gadelha (@ClaudiaGadelha_) August 1, 2016

The situation was only beginning to show signs of calming down on Monday, authorities told Brazilian media. But people were tweeting worrying images amid confusion surrounding the hashtag #PrayForNatal, because so few people knew what was going on.

#PrayForNatal is a worldwide trend right now, but there is no news about what exactly happened…
— Roshan (रोशन) (@rossantweets) August 1, 2016

According to Brazilian users familiar with the situation, things got underway on Friday, with 15 buses burned by Saturday, along with local landmark, the Morro do Careca. Public transport was halted, curfews were imposed and shots were heard, according to locals. People were scared to go outside (warning: strong language)…. [read more]

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