Why We Cannot Trust the FBI

The FBI is discounting ISIS’ claim that the Las Vegas attack was jihad. But is the FBI really trustworthy?

The Islamic State says Steven Paddock converted six months ago. He filmed himself killing; jihadis do that and post it online. The attack was meticulously planned, as jihad attacks are, and Paddock likely had an accomplice. Paddock made numerous trips to the Middle East. Over 200 of his foreign financial transactions were flagged for possible “covert terrorism financing.”

Contrary to the ignorant, misinformed and delusional talking heads in the media, ISIS does not take responsibility for events that are not theirs. This has led even the New York Times’ terrorism expert to give credence to ISIS’ claims. The Philippines attack at Resorts World Casino was theirs. And there again, ISIS’ initial claims of responsibility were dismissed.

The Los Angeles Times reported Saturday that “the FBI investigated the Orlando mass shooter for 10 months — and found nothing.”… read more



WASHINGTON – The leak of the infamous Comey memo to the press might severely boomerang on the former FBI director, according to legal experts.

Democrats are hoping newly appointed special prosecutor Robert Mueller will find President Trump committed obstruction of justice by allegedly telling former FBI Director James Comey to drop the investigation into former national security adviser Mike Flynn.

Those hopes are based on a New York Times report that Comey drafted a memo after a meeting with Trump in February that said the president had asked the director to “let this go,” in reference to the Flynn investigation.

Everything hangs on the accuracy of that account, but a number of factors put its credibility into question…. read more

by LHWM: We caution everyone who reads the news to make sure it is real news. They are making up news and news people like us are posting the news, however we are being extremely careful about what we are posting due to the overwhelming fake news out there. Pray for discernment for LHWM is doing the same before we post or speak. Thank you for following us and visiting our webpage, God Bless you all.

The FBI Can Engage In All Sorts Of Surveillance And Snooping Without Actually Placing Someone Under Investigation

It’s unclear how many Americans are under surveillance by the FBI. Not only would the agency be extremely unwilling to even provide a broad estimate, but the underlying basis for a preliminary investigation is so thin it could conceivably cover a majority of US residents.

A previously-classified document [pdf] obtained by The Intercept gives more insight into the FBI’s use of “assessments” — an investigation the agency doesn’t consider an investigation.

Assessments allow agents to look into tips or leads that don’t meet the standard for opening an investigation, which requires specific information or allegations of wrongdoing — an “articulable factual basis” for suspicion, as FBI rules put it. In an assessment, by contrast, an agent just needs to give an “authorized purpose” for their actions. Agents can open assessments “proactively,” in order to evaluate potential informants, collect intelligence about threats surrounding public events, study a field office’s geographical area, or gather information about a general phenomenon of interest to the bureau…. [read more]

LHWM Opinion: Do you find this unreal and hard to believe. They now have a TV show on CBS showing you just a tid bit of what they can do with technology. They are being bold and upfront about it so it becomes the new normal. This show is an eye opener!


The FBI Is Apparently Paying Geek Squad Members To Dig Around In Computers For Evidence Of Criminal Activity

Law enforcement has a number of informants working for it and the companies that already pay their paychecks, like UPS, for example. It also has a number of government employees working for the TSA, keeping their eyes peeled for “suspicious” amounts of cash it can swoop in and seize. Unsurprisingly, the FBI also has a number of paid informants. Some of these informants apparently work at Best Buy — Geek Squad by day, government informants by… well, also by day.

According to court records, Geek Squad technician John “Trey” Westphal, an FBI informant, reported he accidentally located on Rettenmaier’s computer an image of… [read more]

FBI releases warrant it requested 10 days before presidential election

December 21, 2016, 9:07 AM (IDT)

The FBI on Tuesday released the warrant it requested 10 days before the presidential election that allowed it to check whether there was classified information in e-mails between presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and her aide Huma Abedin on the computer of Anthony Weiner, Abedin’s estranged husband. The 21-page document, from which only the names of FBI agents were blacked out, showed that a representative of the FBI asked the court to allow the search out of concern that Weiner’s laptop computer might have contained thousands of classified e-mails that could have damaged national security. The computer, including a terabyte hard drive, was never approved for carrying, sending or receiving classified information. Investigators also searched for system files, logs, system codes, documents and database files on the computer. The unsealing of the warrant followed an appeal by an attorney from California and an order by a US district court…[full source]

Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett has convinced President Obama to FIRE FBI director James Comey after the election

Senior adviser Valerie Jarrett has convinced President Obama to remove James Comey from his job as director of the FBI

  • After persistent prodding by Valerie Jarrett, President Obama has agreed to fire America’s top cop
  • A White House source familiar with the decision says Jarrett and the president held lengthy discussions over the past several days about the political and legal ramifications of firing FBI director
  • The president was furious with Comey for reopening the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s emails 
  • But he was reluctant to move against Comey for fear that it would open him to charges of obstruction of justice.
  • It has yet to be decided who will wield the hatchet—the president, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, or someone else 

New York Times bestselling author Ed Klein has just published his fourth book about the Clintons since 2005, Guilty as Sin. Klein has told how Bill Clinton enjoyed foot rubs, massages and romps in his presidential library with female interns and has described new details about Hillary’s medical crises. Guilty as Sin is available in bookstores and for order from Amazon.

After persistent prodding by senior adviser Valerie Jarrett to remove James Comey from his job as director of the FBI, President Obama has agreed the time has come to fire America’s top cop.

According to a White House source familiar with Obama’s decision, Jarrett and the president held lengthy discussions over the past several days about the political and legal ramifications of firing the FBI director…… [read more]

Report: Congress Considering Emergency Hearing on Reopened FBI Investigation into Clinton Emails

Hillary Hearing APCameron Joseph, the Washington Bureau Chief for the New York Daily News, has claimed he has heard reports that the House Oversight Committee is considering an emergency hearing with FBI director James Comey next Friday, following the FBI’s decision to reopen the case into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

In a tweet, Cameron said that “Hearing [Chairman Jason Chaffetz] & House Oversight Cmte are discussing holding a last-min hearing bringing in FBI DIr. Comey next Fri pre-election.”…. [read more]

Clinton Right Hand Woman Huma Abedin Takes the Stage at Center of Email Scandal

AP Photo/Carolyn KasterWith the announcement Friday afternoon that the FBI was reopening their investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, Clinton’s assistant Huma Abedin may face close scrutiny for the first time by the media.
As Breitbart News reported:

The New York Times reports that the F.B.I. obtained new Hillary Clinton emails after seizing electronic devices from Anthony Weiner and his wife Huma Abedin.

The F.B.I. began investigating Weiner after he sent lewd photos to a 15-year-old girl, after the girl shared text messages she received from Weiner with the Daily Mail…… [read more]

lhwm notes: There are many people placed in jail for stealing. If Hillary is guilty then there should not be a discussion she (among many others)  should be in jail. Why is this so hard? Either your for the rules 100% or your not LEADERS.

NSA mole took codes targeting US cyber enemies

Harold Thomas Martin, a 51-year-old US National Security Agency contractor from Maryland, may be remembered as the second Edward Snowden, although there are many differences between the two cases.

Martin, a former US Navy officer with top secret national security clearance, was arrested on Aug. 27 by the FBI and charged with the unauthorized removal and retention for many years of highly-sensitive classified documents. The purloined materials found in raids of his home and his car, which were described by as capable of causing “exceptionally grave damage” to US national security.

Like Snowden, Martin worked for Booz Allen Hamilton, which hires out workers skilled in intelligence fields to American intelligence agencies, which often prefer to employ some workers as contractors for economic and legal reasons.

Senior members of the giant company, after they retired from the US defense sector, have strong ties in the corridors of power in Washington.

In a statement, the FBI said that Martin admitted some of the charges against him, when a large cache of printed documents and computer files marked “top secret” or “sensitive,” were found in his home and his car, He also owned up to leaking sensitive documents from his office….. [read more]