‘He Did Not Want Others to Go Through What He Did’: Nabeel Qureshi’s Wife Shares Critical Advice to ex-Muslim Converts

Michelle Qureshi YouTubeMichelle, wife of the late ex-Muslim turned Christian apologist, Nabeel Qureshi, recently shared words of wisdom to new believers from Muslim backgrounds on her husband’s Youtube account.

The message was originally meant for ex-Muslims at a conference in Bangalore, India, but it has since been seen by thousands of people all over the globe.

“First of all I want to say how proud I am of all of you for making the decision to come out of Islam and into the Truth. The Truth that there is no God but One and His name is Jesus,” Qureshi says in the video…. more


12 Christians Murdered in Nigeria for Trying to Protect Girls From Forced Islamic Conversions

At least 12 Christians have been killed and another 20 injured in Kasuwan Magani in northern Nigeria in retaliation for believers’ attempts to rescue Christian girls from forced Islamic conversions.

Morning Star News reported on Tuesday that radical Muslims hunted down Christians and burned down their homes after they had attempted to rescue two girls who were kidnapped and forcefully converted to Islam two weeks ago.

“The names of those killed are not readily available to me at the moment, but I can confirm to you that they are Christians killed in the Christian area of the town,” said James Madaki of the Evangelical Church Winning All… more

Middle School Tells Students: Islam Is the “True Faith”

New American: The “separation of church and state” is certainly upheld in today’s government schools. As for the separation of mosque and state, well, not so much.

A case in point is Chatham Middle School (CMS) in Chatham, New Jersey, where students were shown Islamic propaganda videos that included an explicit call to convert to Islam.

The School District of the Chathams (SDC) now faces a federal lawsuit in the New Jersey District Court by the nonprofit Thomas More Law Center. Filed Jan. 23, the plaintiff is NJ parent Libby Hilsenrath, acting on behalf of her 12-year-old son, a student at CMS. The suit alleges First Amendment violations and names as defendants several officials and teachers at CMS and the school district…. more

Opinion by Bible Prophecy Tracker: How ironic that Chatham is a 28 minute train ride to the World Trade Center and has graves for 13 residents that were killed in the 9/11 attacks:

A Look at Chathamites Lost in 9/11 Attacks-0

Chatham is second only to Princeton as the most liberal city in New Jersey.

Here is the video that was shown to Middle School students:


A new generation discovers their greater calling.
Anyone who has worked in youth ministry before is familiar with the question, “So how do I know God’s will/hear His voice?”

Very few, though, have heard it while working in a country under Sharia Law or Islamic law (derived from the precepts of Islam). At this camp, the question carries a gravity to it. These Christian teenagers face intense pressure in their day-to-day lives, and spiritual survival depends on the answer.

“The faith of the youth in this country is rather fragile,” a pastor told Open Doors last year. “Everything they face outside the church walls is Islam. Our government has incorporated Islamic values and systems into all its administrative policies.”

The effect on national education has impacted young believers the most…. read more


Pastor Kimil* lives in a small Kyrgyz town alongside many Uzbek people. For several years, Kimil, a Muslim Background Believer, and his wife and four school-age children had their own small business—a chicken farm. He also pastored a local Christian church and he was actively preaching among Uzbek and Kyrgyz Muslims in his town. Local Muslim authorities don’t like his Christian activity, because many Muslim people converted to Christianity through Kimil. Many times, they have threated to imprison him, close his business or kick him and his family out of the town.

There have been an unusual number of inspections this year from various state structures. The revenue service, the sanitary and epidemiological service, and the financial police have all come to inspect the farm. Kimil established his business according to all the local rules and state codes, but despite that, the authorities have found reasons to fine him on several occasions. He just paid the fines and kept working, but in September he was ordered to close his business, without any explanations or reasons. The chicken farm was the only income for Kimil’s family. Now,… read more

Why These Iranian Underground Christians Fled on a Dangerous Journey and Then Went Back

Undisclosed Location in Middle East – This may come as a surprise to many of our readers: Christianity is growing faster in Iran than in any other country in the world.

The population there is overwhelmingly Muslim, yet tens of thousands are abandoning the faith. On a recent Friday afternoon, some 600 miles east of Tehran, not too far from the Afghanistan – Turkmenistan border….

…20 Iranians were preparing to make a secret journey out of their country… read more

North Korean government agent spied on Christians, accepted Jesus on his deathbed

Her parents were secret Christians in a society where any public expression of faith leads to imprisonment and possibly death. When she stumbled on their closely held secret as a young girl, she almost turned her own parents into the authorities.

“Like so many Christian families, our family was banished in the 1950s to a remote village,” Kim Sang-Hwa* told Open Doors. “They continued to hide their faith from the outside world.”

Their house was very small, and they all slept in the same room. When she was six-years-old, she woke up earlier than usual one morning. “When I opened my eyes, I saw my father and mother under the blanket and I could hear the soft noise of the radio. Later I learned they were listening to a broadcast from a Christian radio station,” she recounted.

A few years later she made an even more dramatic discovery. “When I was 12, I accidentally found a Bible my parents had hidden in their closet. I don’t know why, but I started to feel inside the cabinet with my hand, pulled out a book and began to read.”… read more

Iran Cracks Down on Christian Converts, Sentences Believers to 10-Years in Prison

Authorities in Iran are increasingly targeting Christian converts with arrests and imprisonments, according to the New York-based Center for Human Rights In Iran.

“In less than two months, since June 2017, Judge Mashallah Ahmadzadeh of Branch 26 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran has issued long prison sentences to at least 11 Christian converts and the former leader of the Assyrian Pentecostal Church in Iran,” CHRI said in a report.

“Christians are recognized as an official religious minority in Iran’s Constitution, but the state continues to persecute members of the faith, especially converts,” said CHRI’s executive director Hadi Ghaemi. “The state must respect its own laws and international obligations and allow Christians and all religious minorities full freedom of worship.”… read more