Weather & Updated News – May 21, 2017

Digital is reshaping the world, Technology becoming a must have, Building a brain computer, Facebook growing in technology, Google has a quantum computing, China’s quantum computer, Technology spying on you and taking your IDENTITY, Talking with your brain instead of your mouth, Our identity is being taken freely, People freely give their information away to buy the next cool gadget, Money is going away is anyone paying attention to what this will do, Wells Fargo closing branches, Buying online without a credit card, Biometric paying is now the new way to buy, Biometric is rapidly growing… and more

… By the end of this year, Martinis says, his team will build a device that achieves “quantum supremacy,” meaning it can perform a particular calculation that’s beyond the reach of any conventional computer. Proof will come from a kind of drag race between Google’s chip and one of the world’s largest supercomputers… read more

… China is strengthening its technology arsenal in an effort to be self-sufficient. China’s homegrown chip powers TaihuLight, the world’s fastest computer…. read more

Our fingerprints are quickly replacing PINs and passwordsas our primary means of unlocking our phones, doors and safes. They’re convenient, unique, and ultimately more secure than easily guessed or forged passwords and signatures. So it makes sense that fingerprint sensors are coming to protect our credit and debit cards. Mastercardis testing out new fingerprint sensor-enabled payment cards that, combined with the onboard chips, offer a new, convenient way to authorize your in-person transactions. Instead of signing a paper receipt or entering your PIN while struggling to cover up the number pad, you simply place your thumb on your card to prove your identity…. read more

To Learn more about why and how this technology is part of the last days read our article on – Babel and The Coming World. This article shows how God separated the people in the old testament because it was not time, but now is the time. People we are living the last days and we hope and pray you are ready for the rapture. If your not saved please visit our Coming to Christ page.

North Korean Hackers Suspected of ‘WannaCry’ Ransomware Attack

A lock screen from a cyber attack warns that data files have been encrypted on a laptop computer in this arranged photo in London, U.K., on Monday, May 15, 2017. Governments and companies around the world began to gain the upper hand against the first wave of an unrivaled global cyberattack, even as the assault was poised to continue claiming victims this week. Photographer: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg via Getty ImagesOn Monday, a Google security researcher announced the discovery of code in the “WannaCry” ransomware virus that suggests a notorious North Korean hacking group is behind the major global cybercrime. Researcher Neel Mehta revealed the discovery in a puzzling Twitter message:

As security firm Kaspersky explains, the message refers to a block of code found in both an early version of the WannaCry virus – the far less harmful version that was turbocharged into a global menace with the addition of stolen National Security Agency hacking tools – and code obtained from a hacking group called Lazarus in 2015.

In other words, this code snippet is a “fingerprint” that suggests WannaCry was developed by the Lazarus group. Lazarus is associated with North Korea and has a long history of wantonly destructive behavior – most notoriously including the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment over the movie The Interview, which was seen as insulting to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un…. read more

Ransomware Is Tip Of The Iceberg: America’s Infrastructure At Risk

News ImageThe Ransomware that began spreading across the globe on Friday is still going with more computers reportedly being affected today by new variants of the virus.

What we’ve learned is that the attack hasn’t just taken down personal computers, but core government and business networks affecting everything from health care systems and transportation in Europe, to ATM withdrawals in China.

It’s massive, to be sure. But in the grand scheme of things, up to this point, it has been a fairly minor inconvenience… read more

Foxconn: from Worker Suicides to Plastic Workers

Foxconn, the Taiwanese technology-assembly company infamous several years ago for its spate of worker suicides, has replaced more than half its Kunshan, China workforce with robots. While this reduces Foxconn’s labor costs and H-R headaches, it also pushes down employment for migrant workers, and does not bode well for ongoing changes in China’s labor market.

Foxconn was never adept in dealing with its employees. In 2010, 18 Foxconn workers attempted or committed suicide (14 died) due to excessive strain, including long working hours, isolation, and punishments. Foxconn’s response was to install suicide nets and to force new employees to sign an anti-suicide pledge that states Foxconn will not be held responsible in the case of worker suicides…. read more

by lhwm: They are preparing and moving people to a one world everything. You have cash going away so it can be narrowed down to one type of spending. You have jobs being taken over by robots. This gives them control on buying and selling through a machine. You have driveless cars in production and testing right now. This keeps us from being in control of the car. You also have smart cities that are in development stages and are wanting this to be a reality (How AT&T is transforming Dallas into a smart city). Do you see where they are going with all this technology. Someone is going to be in charge! To learn more read our article on Babel and The Coming World

The Trojan’s New Horses

By Hal Lindsey

Is an American computer virus responsible for the many failed North Korean missile tests? In March, the New York Times reported, “Three years ago, President Barack Obama ordered Pentagon officials to step up their cyber and electronic strikes against North Korea’s missile program in hopes of sabotaging test launches in their opening seconds.”

North Korea’s missile program started with a surprising level of success. But in the last three years, whether caused by U.S. computer sabotage or not, they have had a stunning number of test launch failures.

The experts say that North Korean scientists learn from every failure. While that’s usually true, it may not be in this case. The scientists may already know the problem. It could be that their impetuous young “Supreme Leader,” Kim Jung-un, is pressing too hard, not giving them the time needed to do the job. If that’s the case, the question is not whether the scientists are learning the lesson, but is he?… read more