3 Years In An Eritrean Prison

Over the years we have often asked supporters to pray that the Lord would give Christians imprisoned for their faith in Eritrea hope in the midst of their suffering and enable them to share the gospel with their persecutors. The story of Aberash is an example of how the Lord answers our prayers for His own glory.

“It is very hard to live without hope! It is the easiest way to die quickly,” the 32-year-old Aberash states with conviction. He speaks from experience. Having spent three years in an Eritrean prison for continuing worship outside of the state-approved religions (Islam or the Orthodox, Catholic or Evangelical Lutheran Churches), he knows exactly what it feels like to lose hope amidst difficult circumstances.

Aberash became a Christian through the testimony of a school friend. While undergoing mandatory military training, he learned that Evangelical Christians are considered enemies of the state. “Not even when the churches were ordered to close did I really believe Christians were truly considered enemies of the state. It did not make sense! It was not until I was arrested that I came to believe it.”… read more

“After two years I had fallen into deep depression. I was very angry with God and questioned Him. I asked, ‘Why am I in here? I was doing good things for You? So why did You let this happen to me? God, this is not fair. Why did You not protect us?’ I felt I was losing my mind and could not accept what was happening. I had no understanding of Christian persecution.”

Proverbs 21:30-31 There is no wisdom, understanding, or advice that can succeed against the Lord. 31 You can get the horses ready for the day of battle, but it is the Lord who gives the victory [Ps. 33:16–17].

Christian, What Does This Mean

What Does The Word Christian Mean

We will begin with what the word Christian means. It is important to understand the meaning behind this word, because there are many who profess to be a Christian but have no understanding of what they are saying.

Christian (Christianos) – Strongs 5546 – means a follower of Christ

What does that mean? It means you give up your rights, thoughts, and will to follow Jesus.
Okay so example of how this looks:

You let go of your rights, your thoughts, your belief, your culture, your thinking, your wants, your ways and completely surrender yourself unto the Lord God Almighty to be what His Word says (His whole word). Every Christian should be reading the word of God and finding out what God says instead of living what we think it says, believe, or what people tell us. The bible gives very detailed instructions on how we are to live. We are not to pick and choose what we want to hear and obey. We either hear it all and live accordingly or we don’t….. [read more]

Analysis: Israel wins UNESCO battle, but not the war

What a difference half a year can make. Just last April, in a first of its kind resolution, a majority of the UNESCO 58-member Executive Board ratified a text that ignored Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. The vote was 33 in favor, six against and 19 abstentions. Two countries were absent from the room. On Tuesday, a similar text failed to gain majority, passing 24 to six, with 26 abstentions. Two countries were not present.

On top of that, Mexico, who traditionally votes against Israel, announced that it withdrew its support and Brazil indicated it might do likewise should the resolution come again before the board.

Their statements do not impact the overall vote. But for those keeping score, the Palestinian attempt to linguistically reclassify the site – holy to Judaism, Christianity and Islam – solely by its Muslim names of al-Haram al-Sharif is slowly losing support with only 23 and possibly 22 countries supporting it….. [read more]

Egypt’s New Law on Churches Angers Christian Critics

phillipians1_27Egypt’s lawmakers on Tuesday passed the country’s first law spelling out the rules for building a church, a step Christians have long hoped would free up construction that was often blocked by authorities. But angry critics in the community say the law will only enshrine the restrictions.

Church building has for decades been one of the most sensitive sectarian issues in Egypt, where 10 percent of the population of 90 million are Christians but where Muslim hardliners sharply oppose anything they see as undermining what they call the country’s “Islamic character.”

Local authorities often refuse to give building permits for new churches, fearing protests by Muslim ultraconservatives. Faced with refusals, Christians turned to building illegally or setting up churches in other buildings, which in many cases prompted riots and attacks by ultraconservatives. In contrast, building a mosque faces few restrictions….. [read more]

lhwm notes: Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  Talk is worthless without action behind it.

Being a Christian in North Korea

North Korea-16Tensions between North Korea and the U.S. have recently been troublesome, to say the least. North Korea announced that they would cut communication off with the U.S. They also launched three missiles last week.

While they ramp up their missile testing cycle, pressure within North Korea is rising, also. We know what this means: increased danger for Christians.

Its leader, Kim Jong-un, has been known to act without regard of those he is leading.

It is illegal to be a Christian in North Korea. We know that with the increased pressure boiling up within the country, secret believers will live under even more danger and caution…. [read more]

LHWM Notes: Lord we lift them up to you. May you give them wisdom, hope and peace during there trials while living in a place that persecutes you! Provide their needs and overwhelm them with Love. We are not living like this yet here in America, but beware Christians for our time is coming. We are not excluded from the world’s way of viewing Christians, but we can unite and stand together. For we have a voice just like evil! We stand up and speak up and pray! For our God is alive and has already won! Shout and be joyous during our times of persecution. If you do not Jesus then we pray you will come to know Jesus through a personal relationship, not religion.