Christian Pastor Detained in China for Singing ‘Jesus Loves You’

A Taiwanese Christian pastor was detained for singing the worship song “Jesus Love You” in Zhengzhou, Henan, in China, which officials there have branded as an “illegal religious activity.”

ChinaAid, which reports on persecution and human rights abuses in the world’s most populous nation, said Pastor Xu Rongzhang from Taiwan was detained on Saturday, the day before Easter, because he led a group of Christians in Zhengzhou to sing the song.

Xu was released later on the same day, though his identification documents and permit to travel to mainland China were not returned until Monday.

Local officials never explained why singing “Jesus Loves You” is now deemed to be an illegal activity, though several Christians across China in recent months have been arrested and even sentenced to prison for participating in religious activities…. read more

Christians hospitalized resisting authorities’ forced surveillance attempts

(Wenzhou, Zhejiang—April 10, 2017) Authorities in China’s coastal Zhejiang province carried out violent attacks against churches refusing to install surveillance cameras in late March.

Local government departments began carrying out a missive from the Zhejiang provincial government to install cameras within churches that would assist authorities in monitoring religious activities. This command triggered an outpouring of threats against individual churches, stating that if they refused to set up the surveillance system voluntarily, officials would do so forcibly. In response, several churches in Wenzhou, a city in Zhejiang, have confronted government personnel, and members of Chenming Church demanded to know the legal bases for these measures. ChinaAid does not know the reasoning they were given… read more

lhwm notes: This is starting in China but know it will happen in other countries as well. Our hearts and prayers are lifted and Lord we pray you hear their prayers. Watch over them Lord and help them in Jesus name Amen.

Weather & Other News – North Korea threatening of nuclear attack, China is involved now, U.S. heading towards North Korea..

North Korea threatening of nuclear attack, China is involved now, U.S. heading towards North Korea, New Zealand prepares for flood, more fish die offs, more earthquakes, Florida on state of emergency, Sun has coronal hole, virus going around (food), Hawaii has rare disease spreading… and more

Christians in China hospitalized after resisting state surveillance

April 3 (UPI) — Christian churchgoers in China were recently wounded after fighting with officials enforcing new regulations: the installation of surveillance cameras inside churches.

The ordinance to place closed-circuit television cameras in Protestant and Roman Catholic churches was issued in late 2016 by authorities in Zhejiang Province, South China Morning Post reported Monday.

The law comes two years after Chinese authorities ordered churches in the coastal province to remove conspicuous neon crosses from buildings, a movement that began in 2014, according to the report…. read more

Proverbs 21:30-31 There is no wisdom, understanding, or advice that can succeed against the Lord. 31 You can get the horses ready for the day of battle, but it is the Lord who gives the victory.

Christian Mother and Son Arrested in Iran Bibles Seized in Crackdown

Persecution continues against Christians overseas as reports are now indicating that a professed Christian Mother and her Son were just arrested and their bibles seized in a new wave of persecution coming out of Iran. CBN News reports that Sani, a senior studying psychology, and his mother, converted from Islam to Catholicism and were both baptized in Turkey in August of 2006.  Sani reportedly viewed Christian satellite TV channels and spent much time online reading Christians books and other materials to strengthen his faith. Eliot Assoudeh, an Iranian-American academic at University of Nevada, told Fox News this “is very sad and concerning, especially as they both are dealing with health issues.

It’s been more than two weeks that Iranian authorities have not provided any news on them.” This report follows the recent reports coming out of Britain where three British street preachers was charged with public order offenses for preaching the gospel and offending bystanders. And then there was China where reports indicated that over 80 Christians were arrested for worshiping at underground house churches across the Chinese region of Xinjiang. This comes as a result of the recent crackdowns on Christianity that occurred around the Lunar New Year holiday in late January. [Full Source]