A Chip in the Windshield: China’s Surveillance State Will Soon Track Cars

A Chip in the Windshield: China’s Surveillance State Will Soon Track CarsBEIJING—China is establishing a nationwide program to track cars using an electronic identification system, according to records and people briefed on the matter, adding to a growing array of its surveillance tools used to monitor its citizens.

Under the plan being rolled out July 1, a radio-frequency identification chip for vehicle tracking will be installed on cars when they are registered. Compliance will initially be voluntary but will be made mandatory for new vehicles in January 2019, the people said.

Authorities have described the plan as a means to improve public security and to help ease worsening traffic congestion, documents show, a major concern in many Chinese cities partly because it contributes to air pollution. But such a system, implemented in the world’s biggest automotive market, with sales of nearly 30 million vehicle a year … more


U.S. Embassy in China Warns Americans About Potential Sonic Attacks Abroad

President Donald Trump speaks to China's President Xi JinpingThe U.S. Embassy in China on Friday sent out an alert to Americans traveling abroad that they needed to seek medical attention immediately if they start to experience similar symptoms shared by U.S. staffers in China and Cuba.

The State Department is taking the most recent reports in China very seriously and alerted staff in the country after consulate staffers fell ill in the city of Guangzhou in May, according to Politico. At least two diplomats have recently been evacuated from China after having heard strange noises, and the number impacted may be on the rise.

State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert also said at the time that the Chinese government assured the State Department that it is investigating the symptoms felt by the U.S. government employee… more

Facebook gave data access to Chinese firm flagged by US intelligence

Facebook has data-sharing partnerships with at least four Chinese electronics companies, including a manufacturing giant that has a close relationship with China’s government, the social media company said on Tuesday.

The agreements, which date to at least 2010, gave private access to some user data to Huawei, a telecommunications equipment company that has been flagged by American intelligence officials as a national security threat, as well as to Lenovo, Oppo and TCL.

The four partnerships remain in effect, but Facebook officials said in an interview that the company would wind down the Huawei deal by the end of the week… more

China’s “social credit” system rewards “good” citizens while punishing “bad” ones: Is this America’s future?

Author George Orwell’s fictional work “1984” has turned out to be more prophetic than anyone could have imagined in the late 1940s when it was published.

In his book, Orwell wrote about an all-powerful Big Brother ‘surveillance state’ that tracked everyone in real time. Even at home, the government was always watching and manipulating.

The technology that Orwell imagined in 1984 exists today and it is being utilized by an authoritarian government — China — in ways that some believe will eventually be adopted by the world’s “democracies” including the United States under a future, Left-wing despotic leader.

A recently released video describes what China calls a “social credit” system, whereby government officials rank citizens as “good” and “trustworthy,” or “bad” and thus subject to punishment based on their living habits… more

China develops an “emotional surveillance” system that allows supervisors to use mind-reading hats to spot emotional employees

Good managers stay on top of their workers, ensuring they are productive but also connecting with them as people to foster employee satisfaction. However, in China, these sentiments go way too far as some companies are now using “emotional surveillance” systems to track workers’ emotions.

According to the South China Morning Post, a government-backed project uses hats that can scan the brainwaves of employees to look for signs of emotional distress. It entails embedding lightweight sensors into their helmets or hats and then wirelessly transmitting their brainwave data to computers. Artificial intelligence algorithms are then used to scan the data and single out any outliers that point to a worker feeling rage or anxiety – and it wouldn’t be surprising if they’re finding plenty of the latter… more

‘Purge Against Christians’ Underway in China as Persecution Ramps Up

Image: GettyIt feels like every day we are hearing more news about China increasing persecution on the Christian community.

Abuses are escalating to unprecedented levels as we’re seeing a full out “purge against Christians” in the Zhejiang province in Eastern China perpetrated by the government, according to organizations monitoring the situation on the ground.

ChinaAid, a watchdog group, stated that local governments are stepping up and taking charge of the persecution and outlaw of Christianity.

The government has banned all kinds of religious meetings, meaning no church services, no Bible studies, and no prayer meetings. Not only are they banning religious events but they are calling for people to renounce their faith, particularly in Jesus Christ… more

World View: China Escalates Militarization of South China Sea, Preparing for War

Chinese President Xi Jinping reviews a naval parade Thursday in the South China Sea.This morning’s key headlines from GenerationalDynamics.com

  • China escalates militarization of South China Sea, preparing for war
  • China prepares for war on multiple fronts

China's H-6K-a bomber is a modernized version of a 60-year-old Soviet design -- is the only mass-produced bomber in the world today (Xinhua)China’s H-6K-a bomber is a modernized version of a 60-year-old Soviet design – the only mass-produced bomber in the world today (Xinhua)

While 99 percent of the world was hypnotized by Markle Sparkle, China made a major escalation in its illegal militarization of the South China Sea and said it was preparing for war.

China announced on Friday that it has begun landing bombers on the artificial islands it created in the South China Sea, in preparation for the Battle of the South China Sea. The announcement appeared on China’s Ministry of Defense website.. more

No Place To Hide – Facial Recognition Technology Will End Your Privacy

News ImageThe Chinese police in Nanchang made news in mid April when the press reported the arrest at a concert of a man wanted for fraud. The story was significant because automatic facial recognition systems, linked through now 176 million cameras across the country (rising to 600 million by 2020), had picked the man out of a crowd of 60,000 concertgoers and allowed the police to pinpoint his location in real time.

The episode was promoted by the Chinese government as proof positive of the benefits of the Chinese surveillance state, but the notion that an authoritarian government uses automatic facial recognition to track its citizens everywhere has sent shivers down the spine of anyone concerned about privacy and who may not have full faith in the benevolence of the Chinese government.

Facial recognition holds the promise of an incredible leap forward in law enforcement but backwards in individual rights. No longer will oppressive governments need to employ human watchers to monitor video footage… more

This is preparing for the one world order and every country will be this way. Right now America has the ability to do exactly what China is doing. Keep that in mind as you allow this technology into your home and life. There is a purpose behind it and they are selling it as a high class need but actually this is a want not a need. They have a purpose and the ones who are buying it have a purpose as well. This is not something we need or want!!