Advocating for Young Victims of Abuse

Jenna Quinn grew up in a loving, supportive Christian home. She vividly remembers asking Jesus into her heart at the age of 7. Her mother taught at a private Christian school, where she and her two sisters also attended. Jenna’s family became friends with another family at the school. The two families did weekend outings, celebrated holidays, and took vacations together. The other father was Jenna’s basketball coach and her best friend’s father. He was also the man who groomed Jenna for sexual abuse.

At the age of 13, this other father sexually assaulted Jenna on a ride home from his house and threatened Jenna not to tell. Jenna was filled with shame, blame, and fear. The other father created ways to be alone with Jenna on car rides, at her home, and at his home. The assaults continued to escalate over the next few years with the other father asking Jenna sexual questions, explaining sex to her, speaking inappropriately, exposing himself, giving her a sex toy, trying to show her pornography, and continuing to corner her, touch her, and have his way with her. She says it was everything but rape. Jenna told him to leave her alone and that she was not interested in him. But all the while, he continued to insinuate that this was good for Jenna and that she could not tell or their lives would be ruined. Once he even told her about a girl he’d heard of who did tell. He said no-one believed her…. read more

Coming from this background myself of 12 years of sexual abuse, Jesus was the only one who could save me and heal me. Everything in this article is correct from the symptoms to the behavior. I hope and pray that this article will help those who have been sexually abused and if you are currently being abused we pray for you to have courage to stand and speak up. You can contact this number 1.800.4-A-CHILD® (1.800.422.4453). Tell someone, you might and probably will do this in fear. I know I did when I had to speak up. You can also contact us here.  Pray for God to give you courage — Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Don’t tremble! Don’t be afraid of them! The Lord your God is the one who is going with you. He won’t abandon you or leave you.”


Little girls model lingerie in ‘Victoria’s Secret’-style show

A children's fashion show in China is causing controversy. Fashion shows are constantly being criticized for their use of either underweight or overweight models, or models who in some way don’t represent the general population.

Now new photos have emerged of a show that many feel has just totally crossed the line: Girls who appear to be as young as 5 have walked the runway in a Victoria’s Secret–style fashion show in China.

The shocking images show that the children were wearing nothing but lingerie, costume wings, and headpieces — all in front of a very snap-happy crowd.

The show was held at a shopping mall in Chengdu City, in southwest China’s Sichuan province…. read more

Exodus 15:9 The enemy said, I will pursue, I will overtake, I will divide the spoil; my lust shall be satisfied upon them; I will draw my sword, my hand shall destroy them. 10 Thou didst blow with thy wind, the sea covered them: they sank as lead in the mighty waters.

Lord rescue these children from every evil deed and bring them safely into your heavenly kingdom! To God be the glory forever and ever Amen. 2 Timonthy 4:18 The Lord will rescue me from all harm and will take me safely to his heavenly kingdom. Glory belongs to him forever! Amen.


“Dear Father, we pray you would clothe our children in Your Holy Armour. We thank you that You are fighting the battle for us. Help our children to stand firm in Your ways. Give them the grace to persevere in a culture bent on stealing their sexual purity and love for you, Amen! by Generations of Virtue



EDITOR’S NOTE: Have you ever wondered why, after a disaster like a hurricane or a tsunami in a third-world or developing country, that so many “charitable organizations” like the UN and the Clinton Foundation rush to go there? It’s to help the victims, right? Wrong. It’s so they can go there and exploit them while they are helpless, with a special focus on the children. NTEB has spoken to numerous child sex trafficking prevention groups in Haiti who have told us that the main customers of child sex trafficking establishments are United States congressmen and senators. The United Nations “peacekeepers” are raping children around the world, and they are protected by the UN so they will never face trial. This is what YOUR tax dollars are funding. Just thought you’d like to know.

On February 28, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres confirmed that UN peacekeepers and civilian staff faced 145 allegations of sexual exploitation and abuse impacting on 311 victims in 2016 alone. There are nearly 40 cases so far in 2017. Many of the victims, by the UN’s own admission, are children.<!–more–>

238 arrested in sweep of suspected child sex predators

A monk from Riverside and an Australian man looking to buy a 6-year-old boy were among 238 people arrested during a two-month operation targeting child predators in Southern California, officials said Monday.

Conducted by the Los Angeles Regional Internet Crimes against Children task force, “Operation Broken Heart III” targeted offenders wanted for the sexual exploitation of children, child prostitution, sex tourism and possessing and distributing child pornography, said Deputy Chief Matt Blake of the Los Angeles Police Department.

Among those arrested during sweeps in April and May were entertainers, community leaders, white-collar professionals and clergy members, said John Reynolds, acting special agent in charge for U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations… read more

Identification of Child Porn Site Creator Results in 900 Arrests Worldwide, Over 300 Children Rescued

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The identification and arrest of a child pornography site creator has resulted in nearly 900 arrests worldwide and over 300 children rescued, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) has announced.

Steven Chase, 58, the operator of the now defunct site “Playpen,” was sentenced to 30 years behind bars earlier this month in a Charlotte courtroom. He will also be supervised following his release for the rest of his life and must forfeit his current home and any other property used in the illegal endeavor.

Chase had been arrested in February 2015 and charged with one count of engaging in a child exploitation enterprise, one count of advertising child pornography, three counts of transportation of child pornography and one count of possession of child pornography. He was found guilty by a jury trial in September…. read more

by LHWM: Praise God Praise God Praise God, you are hearing our prayers! Thank you Lord and we pray this continues. Thank you Lord Jesus Amen! To learn more about our prayer and what is happening read our article on: Pedophile Network Undercover In Your Backyard? Do you approve?

Florida Man Sentenced to 30 Years for World’s Largest Child Porn Website

…The Federal Bureau of Investigation said Chase created a website called “Playpen” on an open Internet network called Tor, where anonymous users communicate with each other through “hidden service” websites.

Chase ran the site, which boasted more than 150,000 users worldwide, according to the FBI.

The FBI and Europol said they had arrested nearly 900 suspected pedophiles involved with the site and rescued almost 300 children from their abusers in the investigation that led to Playpen’s downfall…. read more

by lhwm: Praise God!!! Praise God for catching this person. Lord our prayer each day to take the children or rescue you them. Hear their cry’s Lord and take down the enemy who abuses these helpless children.

Pedo Sex Symbols on Police Badges! Why Your Local Police Dept. is Not Investigating #PizzaGate! You Need To Share This With Everyone Now!

The F.B.I. released the official symbols associated with child sex trafficking that recently have been brought to the forefront again to help locate and bust these demented criminals. We all know that human sex trafficking as well as pedophilia rings have been in operation for a very long time. Here is the official F.B.I. intelligence bulletin describing the symbols and logos used by pedophile networks:

These symbols have manifested everywhere throughout society — and only those in ‘the club’ knew what they meant, but now — the information has been verified and leaked to the mainstream public in the worldwide scandal of #PizzaGate. Do you really want to know why this investigation has not even started to begin to gain traction on the local P.D. level? Take a look at where these pedophile sex symbols were recently uncovered:… read more

To learn more about the Pedophile ring read our article on Pedophile Network Undercover In Your Backyard? Do you approve? What are your thoughts on this?

Inside The Secret Pedophile Marketplace: Investigative report exposes secret world of dark web sex traffic

Deuteronomy 6:6-7  And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.

There is only one real topic in today’s blog post, because it’s so important. It’s approached from various angles in the following articles and videos, but we’d urge you to read and watch all of them, then make this a matter of urgent prayer. Any Christian with an imagination can picture a child he or she loves being the victim of this horrific abuse – and that should be enough to drive all of us to our knees for the victims, because this is one of the worst things that ever could happen to any child.

God created children to be innocent and to be trained in righteousness, not used in this vile way. He surely is sickened when he sees what is occurring and when he hears the cries of these little ones who are being used so terribly. Let’s do all we can to fight this, because when we stand before Him we won’t want to answer for having done nothing. Nor will we want to explain why we ignored it, after we’d learned what’s been going on… read more

lhwm notes: This is several different articles and videos. Pray for the children. Learn more about these pedophile rings here – Pedophile Network Undercover In Your Backyard? Do you approve?