California Pushing Bill to Ban Sale of Bibles (Video)

ot only are California legislators pushing the bill to ban the sale of Bibles, they are also targeting any Christian books which speak against homosexuality and how to overcome the urges of that lifestyle.


One Step Closer to Law: Could a California Bill Ultimately Lead to the Banning of Bibles?

A pro-LGBTQ bill is quickly making its way through the California state assembly after it was approved on the floor Thursday. The bill now goes to the state Senate for a vote.

If passed, Assembly Bill 2943 could ultimately threaten free speech and freedom of religion for Christians…. more


‘California Will Become a Third World Country’ – Immigrant Mayor Slams Sanctuary Policies

The mayor of Escondido, California – a legal immigrant from Lebanon, has slammed Sacramento’s decision to declare the entire state as a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and criminals

Mayor Sam Abed expressed his outrage at the direction of California in an interview on Fox Newsover the weekend, warning that the once-Golden State is regressing into third world status under Democrat leadership.

“I came to this country 30-plus years ago – I came here for the American dream, I came here to live safely with my family, and here, I’m fighting for our sovereignty and to keep our community safe,” Abed told host Neil Cavuto. “This is insanity. This doesn’t happen in any country in the world.”

“California now is sanctuary for poverty, for illegal immigration, for illegal criminals. We have 12% of the [country’s] population, and we have 30% of the welfare. 25% of the homeless in the nation are in California. And now we’re going to harbor illegal criminals.”… more

New California Bill Would ELIMINATE Free Speech, Require ‘Online Fact Checkers’

California Senator Richard Pan, the infamous fascist who forced a mandatory vaccination law through in order to rake in money from big pharma, has decided there should no longer be free speech for anyone other than the government. Pan’s new bill proposes to require “online fact checkers” to verify content before anything can be posted on the internet.

Anyone who has ever said tyranny cannot come to America has been proven wrong. Pan’s new bill would basically outlaw questioning the government’s official narrative, and is reminiscent of the book burning days of Nazi Germany. The bill supposedly only targets social media in California, but as Jon Rappaport points out, once you read the bill, it applies to the whole of the internet.

This isn’t some sort of prank either. The leftists in power are getting desperate in their attempt to control information and produce propaganda and this is just more evidence of such. We experienced evidence of this yesterday when SHTFPlan reported that the Department of Homeland Security has been instructed to compile a database of all journalists and online “media influencers.”… more

What does this sound like? China readying Social Credit System where citizens receive scores based on their online obedience to the state —- China is planning to implement a system wherein its citizens will be ranked and given ratings based on a certain set of specified criteria, like social media activity and online obedience to the state. The system, called the Social Credit System, is said to be in place for a country-wide launch some time in 2020. Some Chinese citizens don’t seem to be bothered by it at all, but many have expressed staunch opposition….

3 Californias? Billionaire’s Plan to Split California into 3 Separate States Clears First Hurdle

3 Californias? Billionaire’s Plan to Split California into 3 Separate States Clears First Hurdle
Update: Billionaire Timothy Draper says his plan to split California into three different parts qualifies for California ballot.

Remember that widely derided plan to break California up into six states that died before making it to the ballot for the 2016 state elections? It’s been reincarnated – by the same billionaire who flouted the original plan – but this time, instead of six states, the proposal is to split the Golden State into three: Northern California, Southern California and a new California.

The proposal has cleared its first hurdle, and its proponent, billionaire bitcoin enthusiast Timothy Draper, can now begin collecting signatures to qualify for next year’s ballot….. more

Active Shooter Reported At YouTube Headquarters: Live Feed

The San Bruno city manager told Dow Jones that there is “no immediate threat” at YouTube HQ, located at 901 Cherry Ave. The San Matteo County PD appears to be the department in charge, according to KTVU.

The local ATF office is also responding, along with several other agencies.

Police haven’t provided much in the way of information, but footage from KTVU’s news helicopter appeared to show a body covered with a tarp.

In a harrowing account posted to twitter, one employee said he saw blood on the floor and the stairs as he was fleeing the building…. more

Jerry Brown: Trump ‘Going to War Against the State of California’

Gov. Jerry BrownSACRAMENTO, California — California Governor Jerry Brown complained Wednesday that the Trump administration “is basically going to war against the state of California” after Attorney General Jeff Sessions filed a lawsuit Tuesday evening against California’s “sanctuary state” laws.

The lawsuit targets three laws in particular: the Immigrant Worker Protection Act (HB 450), the Inspection and Review of Facilities Housing Federal Detainees law (AB 103); and the California Values Act (SB 54). The Trump administration argues that California’s laws are unconstitutional under the Supremacy Clause, which states that federal law “shall be the supreme Law of the Land.”

Sessions flew to Sacramento to mark the occasion with a speech Wednesday morning to a meeting of the California Peace Officers Association, which had opposed SB 54. In his address, Sessions compared California’s resistance to federal immigration law to the efforts of the Old South and the Confederacy to resist the Union…. more

Meet The California Special Agents Who Are “Coming For Your Guns”

An oft-echoed line from the left is “No One Wants To Take Your Guns!” But as Kurt Schlichter notes, this is another classic lie.

In fact, that’s exactly what liberals want to do. How do we know? They tell us when they think we are not looking – and, with more frequency, when we are. It’s fun when they say they don’t want to take your guns, then say you have to give up your ARs. If your opponent is getting wistful about Australia’s gun confiscation, he wants to take your guns.

Let’s get serious. They all want to take your guns. Why? Two reasons. First, it takes power from the citizenry. Liberals love that. Second, gun rights are important to normal Americans because the fact we maintain arms means we are not mere subjects. We are citizens, with the power to defend our freedom. Liberals hate that we have that dignity; taking our guns would humiliate us, and show us who is boss. They want to disarms us not because of the gun crime – name a liberal who wants to really do something about Chicago as opposed to hassling law-abiding normals – but because they hate us and want to see us submit…. more

Fire crews take advantage of calm winds, but ‘we’ll always be in the ‘ready, set, go’ mode’

Firefighters took advantage of light winds in Santa Barbara County late Sunday, mounting an aggressive attack directly on the massive Thomas fire’s western face a day after powerful gusts pushed flames toward homes along the coast.

Crews were in place to protect homes should a wind shift send the wildfire toward neighborhoods overnight, but authorities said that’s unlikely.

“The fire’s burning in open country right now, which is away from homes, which is exactly where we want it,” said Capt. Rick Crawford, a Cal Fire spokesman. Even so, he said, “We’ll always be in the ‘ready, set, go’ mode.”

Just a day earlier, stronger-than-expected winds kicked up and triggered an epic battle to save homes along the coast. Two homes in the Montecito hills were destroyed and about a dozen structures damaged during Saturday’s flare up… more

Isaiah 26:7 EXB The ·path [way] of life is level for ·those who are right with God [the righteous]; ·Lord [or Upright One], you make the way of life ·smooth [straight; level] for those people.
8 But, Lord, we are waiting ·for your [or in the] ·way of justice [or path/way of your judgments]. Our souls ·want to remember [or desire; or wish to see glorified] ·you [your renown; your remembrance] and your name.
9 My soul ·wants to be with [longs/yearns for] you at night,
and my spirit ·wants to be with [seeks; longs for] you ·at the dawn of every day [in the morning]. When your ·way of justice [judgment] comes to the ·land [earth],
·people [the inhabitants] of the world will learn ·the right way of living [righteousness; justice].
10 Evil people will not learn ·to do good [righteousness; justice] even if you show them  ·kindness [mercy; grace]. They will continue ·doing evil [acting unjustly], even if they live in a ·good world [land of uprightness]; they never see the Lord’s ·greatness [majesty].
11 Lord, ·you are ready to punish those people [L your hand is lifted up; C ready to strike],
but they do not see that. ·Show them your strong love for your people [L They will see your zeal for your people; or They will see your zealous judgment against mankind].
·Then those who are evil [L …and they] will be ashamed.
·Burn [Consume] them in the fire
·you have prepared for [L of] your ·enemies [adversaries].