Report: Hackers Can Use Google Search Engine Results to Get into Your Bank Account

Hackers are reportedly using a new form of malware that targets unsuspecting victims’ bank accounts by placing malicious links into Google’s search engine results.

A report from the Cisco-owned cyber threat intelligence group Talos says that there is a new form of malware called Zeus Panda that uses search engine optimization (SEO) to push malicious links advertising fake banks to the top of search results in the hopes that victims will click on them.

“[It’s] a clever way … to serve malicious files,” a spokesperson for the internet security firm Avast told Fox News. “Although it’s not completely new, it’s rarely seen as a mechanism of spreading malware such as banking Trojans.”… read more


“Guilty, But Not Punished”: Another Banking Criminal Let Off The Hook

It is a verdict which we see over and over when it comes to the crimes of the Big Banks, the central banks, and their minions. These felons are caught committing serious offenses, again and again, yet receive either no punishment, or at worst some token slap on the wrist.

The banking felon to escape punishment this time is IMF criminal, Christine LaGarde. LaGarde’s criminal conviction came while she was still France’s Finance Minister. It involved a $400 million government pay-out authorized by LaGarde, against the advice of several other Finance Ministry officials, to “French tycoon” Bernard Tapie. LaGarde announced she wouldn’t appeal being let off the hook for her crime. How magnanimous.

Of course the phrase “French tycoon” is just a Corporate media euphemism for French oligarch, Bernard Tapie. LaGarde funneled $400 million of government money – the People’s money — into this oligarch’s pockets, against the advice of Ministry colleagues, in what was officially ruled “a misuse of public funds”. Even with the watered-down charge of negligence, LaGarde’s crime could have carried a penalty of up to one year in prison.

The problem is that it would be difficult for LaGarde to continue to serve her oligarch Masters – in her new role as head of the IMF – from inside a prison cell. So she was given a pat on the head and told to go back to work. Indeed, one has to wonder if LaGarde’s reward for enriching Bernard Tapie (even further) with public money was her prestigious appointment at the IMF?… [read more]

British Bank Drops RT News Without Warning or Notice, WHY?

RT: NatWest to close Russian channel’s UK bank accounts

In this grab from RT's live broadcast, the Kremlin-backed channel says its accounts have been frozen by NatWestNatWest bank is to close the accounts of Russia’s state-run broadcaster, RT.
Editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan tweeted: “They’ve closed our accounts in Britain. All our accounts. ‘The decision is not subject to review.’ Praise be to freedom of speech!”

The bank said the decision was “not taken lightly” and that the accounts were “still operative” at present. An MP from Russia’s ruling party has said its parliament will demand an explanation from the UK.

RT says the entire Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group, of which NatWest is part, is refusing to provide its services…. [read more]

Bank didn’t decide to close RT accounts in Britain on its own – Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov © Grigoriy Sisoev
The decision by a majority-British government-owned bank to stop servicing RT UK’s accounts could not have been taken by the institution independently, Russia’s foreign minister says. The British government denies any involvement in the situation.
NatWest bank, part of the Royal Bank of Scotland Group, informed that it intends to stop servicing RT UK and that the decision was not subject to discussion. Commenting on the accounts closure on Tuesday, Sergey Lavrov insisted that the decision had not been taken by the bank independently.

“It’s as clear as day that this decision was not made by the bank. And not any other bank – banks don’t make such decisions on their own,” he said. “I believe an old saying is appropriate here: don’t treat others the way you don’t wish to be treated yourself.”…. [read more]


British Bank Abruptly Drops Russian Network RT’s Accounts

MOSCOW — Russia’s main English-language satellite network complained on Monday that its British bank was abruptly closing its accounts. The network, which reported on the decision, called it a British-government-sanctioned attempt to interfere with freedom of speech.

It was the latest controversy for the network, RT, originally and still commonly known as Russia Today. The broadcaster presents itself as an alternative to the Western media, but critics call it a Kremlin-financed mouthpiece that seeks to create an alternative to reality….. [read more]

MOVE DOWN “Beyond that, he said, the bank may be following a lead, either directly or indirectly, from the United States, which has been weighing its response to Russian hacking of American computers and servers. The bank’s action could be a kind of “veiled sanction,” he said, aimed at “trying to convey to the propaganda sources that they are increasingly finding their life difficult in the West.”

lhwm notes: What did OBAMA just do to America – FREEDOM IS NOW OFFLINE: OBAMA SUCCESSFULLY GIVES THE INTERNET AWAY TO MULTINATIONAL GLOBAL ENTITIES. Get prepared! They are wanting the TRUTH to be eradicated and begin to feed us all LIES. Better believe this is going to happen here. If it affected RT this much then be prepared because it is coming here.


Putin vs the West: Now Russia accuses US of hostile ‘scorched earth policy’ towards Moscow

Vlad BarackAccording to the Kremlin’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Maria Zakharova, the US has been refusing to release cash from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank for international projects in Russia.

Zakharova labelled the policy “very dangerous” for relations between the two countries. She said: “There is growing perception that the outgoing US administration applies ‘scorched earth’ policy in bilateral relations. “This is a dangerous policy which is fraught with negative consequences for international stability. That will not lead to anything good.”…. [read more]

Germany To Cut Off Welfare Benefits For EU Citizens

Image result for germanyIn what may be the latest indication that Merkel’s immigration policy blowback is being heard by the government, Germany’s Handelsblatt reports that Merkel’s government plans to prohibit foreign E.U. citizens from receiving welfare benefits for five years if they haven’t worked in Germany before.

Labor Minister Andrea Nahles, a center-left Social Democrat, introduced a corresponding draft measure during a cabinet meeting of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s coalition government on Wednesday, according to the news agency Reuters. Under the draft law, E.U. citizens can claim one-time assistance for the period of a month to pay for food and shelter. They can also receive a loan to cover the cost of the trip back to their home country if they fail to find work.

Nahles is seeking to close a loophole which arose from a ruling by the Federal Social Court in 2015. The court ruled that unemployed E.U. citizens have a right to welfare benefits after six months. Ms. Nahles said in the daily Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on Wednesday that the “free movement of labor doesn’t mean one can claim German welfare benefits after a short stay without working.” She called for a legal framework within the European Union to coordinate member states social welfare systems to prevent people from making unjustified claims….. [read more]

lhwm notes: Any leader in America wise enough to learn from Europe, Germany?

Fed Spooks Markets: Biggest Stock Slump In 7 Months

spookForbes: “Stocks sold off hard on Friday after the Fed’s Rosengren, who’s been dovish, changed his stance and made the case for a rate hike at the September meeting.

It’s not just the Fed that spooked markets but nearly every other major central bank in the world has disappointed investors since the Fed’s Jackson Hole symposium.

On Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) held rates steady and did not extend or increase QE. The Bank of Japan (BOJ) didn’t announce more “easy money” and that disappointed the market. The Bank of Canada (BOC) held rates steady and we can go on but we trust our point is made. Remember, central banks are still printing nearly $200 billion dollars every month to juice markets. Eventually, this big experiment will not end well.”…. [read more]

Opinion by BIBLE PROPHECY TRACKER: Notice the last two paragraphs: Fed, ECB, BOJ and BOC are central bankers. The markets no longer work on fundamentals, they are controlled by bankers and have been for almost a decade.

We have been warning about Keynesian central bankers for years. The stimulus packages they keep trying are experimental. Translation: They have no idea what they are doing and so far the only thing they’ve accomplished is to create ultra wealth for the ultra wealthy.

“Do not harm the oil and wine” Rev.6:6. In ancient times, only the rich could afford oil and wine. John’s prophecy is that when the big financial collapse comes, the rich will be the last to feel it. And that is coming true right before our eyes.

The economy has been in a slump since 2007, except for the very wealthy.

The ultra-rich do not earn W-2 income, but they do earn dividends and capital gains that are taxed at much lower rates. Obama and Hillary’s mantra that they will tax the rich to solve economic problems is a lie. The rich, according to prophecy, will keep getting richer.

The middle class and poor will keep getting poorer. That is the plan.

The reason the central bankers want to raise interest rates is because if/when a recession hits, they will need to lower rates to stimulate the economy.

None of it will work.

When the rapture occurs, the economic shock will be enough to collapse the global economy. Until then strap yourselves in – it will get bumpy.

Jackson Hole’s Gangsters and Banksters: What Are They Planning?

The New American: “As we have noted in our past reports on the Jackson Hole events of the Fed, (see, for instance, Jackson Hole Conclave: Central Bankers Plan Global Theft, Massive Pain) these yearly jamborees bring together the capi de tutti capi (the “bosses of all the bosses”) of the Money Mafia to decide how much wealth they will milk from the world’s middle classes and the methods of extraction they plan to use.

A host of economic signals and clues indicate these banksters are getting ready to pull another manufactured financial and monetary “crisis” that will dwarf the bailout calamity of 2008-2009.”…. [read article]

below is wording by Prophecy Tracker

Opinion: “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies,” Thomas Jefferson

When it’s all over, if there is anyone left to write a book, the Federal Reserve should be listed as the #1 culprit of financial chaos, followed by corrupt politicians that appoint them.

The Federal government sees the Federal Reserve as a money manufacturer. The government is happy as long as the Fed prints enough money each year to cover the Federal deficit.

The deficit for 2016 is projected to be $600 billion, which is the amount the government spends over what it takes in from income taxes. That’s why the national debt hit $19.5 trillion yesterday.

The Fed also prints money (stimulus) in times of recession, controls short term interest rates, and provides liquidity to its member banks.

So what’s the problem?

When the Fed prints money and loans it to the government, it must be paid back at some future date. There is no limit to how much the Fed can print and if/when the day comes that the government can’t pay it back, it is not unlike a drug dealer with his junkie client.

The Fed can force the government to raise taxes, even up to 90% or more.

Like the drug dealer has the power to keep his client hooked, the Fed creates money so that the government can spend it on all kinds of ridiculous programs to keep its constituency voting for it.

Government can then start wars, throw $20 trillion at the war on poverty, and run up a future debt of 125 trillion on Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and keep on spending.

Everybody is happy.

I do not know what or when the tipping point will be, but the Bible tells us that there is one. The Rider on the Black Horse (Rev 6: 5-6) says it will take a day’s wages to buy a day’s food, but the rich and the Fed governors (represented by oil and wine) will not feel the pain until after the mid-point of the 7 year tribulation, as described by James 5:1-6:

Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that are coming upon you! Your riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth-eaten.  Your gold and silver are corroded, and their corrosion will be a witness against you and will eat your flesh like fire. You have heaped up treasure in the last days.  Indeed the wages of the laborers who mowed your fields, which you kept back by fraud, cry out; and the cries of the reapers have reached the ears of the Lord of Sabaoth. You have lived on the earth in pleasure and luxury; you have fattened your hearts as in a day of slaughter.  You have condemned, you have murdered the just; he does not resist you.”

[Full Source is By Prophecy Tracker]

Shocker: UN Admits Migrant Crisis Plan To Overthrow West

Alex Jones breaks down how Goldman Sachs and the UN are using a wave of Islamic migrants to destroy the sovereignty of Western Nations.

LHWM Notes: We are very picky about what news we post, and generally do not post from Infowars however this video was hard not to share. What you are witnessing is the destruction of Europe and on this video are some of the people involved.