The Calm Before the Storm

unnamed.jpgAmir’s teaching about the current situation in the world and why the topic of Israel should matter to the believer!


Middle East Current Events Update, May 31, 2018

Amir’s update on the Gaza crisis, Syria, Turkey and the collapse of the European Union with the fall of the Italian government.

Will there be Peace in the Middle East?

Amir’s special update from Jerusalem. With the United States withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal, Israel’s strikes on Iranian targets to stop their entrenchment in Syria, the soon relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem that rages the Palestinians- will there be peace in the Middle East? If so, when? How? And for how long? What does the Bible say about it?

What is Next in Bible Prophecy — What is happening in World Events Lining up with the Bible – Has Psalm 83 already been fulfilled?

Below is transcript line by line:

…take place in order for Bible prophecy
to come now we must be very very careful
when we examine world events because you
know with all of our excitement
sometimes we tend to want to help God
fulfilling his promises you remember
Abraham was promised to have a son
Abraham was promised to have a firstborn
even though he was very very very a you
know old he was promised yet that
promise was not enough for him because
he looked at circumstances circumstances
were that obviously he’s old and it’s
not gonna happen for him in his mind and
therefore he he thought together with
his wife Sarah that help is needed and
you know God doesn’t need help and God
would have provided Isaac without even
Ishmael to come to the world but you
know what the thing is that so many
times we as believers we tend to try to
help God by over emphasizing certain
things and unfortunately overlooking and
neglecting other things and so let me
let me explain some of those things
first of all I know that many of you who
have been watching President Emmanuel
macron’s visit to the United States
right now we’re wondering are we
watching some weird chemistry between
the two world leaders is Trump
somehow fascinated in and extremely I
don’t know almost I would say influenced
in a magical way by that French
president or what’s going on there
because they seems to to be doing pretty
well together but yet when you heard
carefully the speeches of the two people
especially the address to both houses
that president micron gave you realized
that there’s a huge huge huge gap
between the two world leaders and we
must understand that one of them is a
complete product of the globalization
effort and the other one is a complete
product of the effort to stop
globalization and we one of them is a
complete one-world government person who
is pushing the climate issue back to the
front and was trying to was trying to
appease all the evildoers around and the
other one is saying no it’s not going to
happen we have been deceived for too
long and we are changing our priorities
completely people are asking me do you
think that McCrone would influence Trump
to stay with the Iran deal and then what
is it that micron can take back home and
claim that he did or some sort of an
achievement that he can bring back to
the palace of the élysée here in Paris….

Middle East Current Events Update — Truth about the Attack on Syria

Amir’s update to clear the fog on the actual events regarding the attack on Syria and the Biblical significance of it.

we are going to look into first and
second Thessalonians in the title of the
message tomorrow is is basically going
to be are you turning the world upside
down we’re talking about the role of the
believers and the fact that both Paul
and Silas were accused for turning the
world upside down and we’re gonna try
and understand what is it what weapon
did they use to turn the world upside
down and what was it that they were
preaching and what is it that we need to
hold on to so that is going to be
tomorrow and I’m very very excited but
let’s start right now with a statement
that I want to give to all of you
statement regarding my understanding of
the role of the believers in light of
current world events and it has to be
extremely it has to be clear that what
we’re going to report later on on the
events of the last few hours in Syria is
not criticizing anyone and it’s not
passing judgment on anyone I will report
what happened because I believe you
deserve to know the truth

The Anti-Christ And Europe

Jan Markell plays Amir Tsarfati’s second message from the 2017 Understanding the Time Conference held in October of last year. The message called “Europe, Closer to the Anti-Christ. This clip is from the conclusion of Amir’s message where he talks about Europe’s acceptance of Islam and the ramification for Israel.

Middle East Update 2018 – Embassy Move, Abbas Sick….

Amir’s update from Tel Aviv. He addresses Putin’s speech, Netanyahu’s visit to Washington, Iran’s threat to resume enrichment of uranium, Guatemala’s embassy move to Jerusalem, Syria and much more.

Middle East and Where We Are Now in the Bible

ME in BP.jpgBible prophecy is the way God declared the future so His children will know and be prepared. How come the Middle East is at the center of God’s plan and where are we now on the prophetic calendar of the world?