Amir’s update on the Temple Mount, July 24, 2017

Be careful of deception and confusion regarding the Temple Mount tension! Amir addresses misleading and inaccurate reporting on the Temple Mount situation.

Amir’s special Middle East Current Events Update

Amir gives a ministry and current events update on Syria, Russia, Iran and much more-

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Europe Getting Ready For The Anti-Christ

Jan Markell talks with Amir Tsarfati about Europe’s preparation for what the Bible teaches is the coming of a world dictator known as the Anti-Christ.
Read more about who the Antichrist is and the Unholy Trinity and Gog & Magog.


A word from Amir, June 5, 2017.

Behold Israel

Amir’s commentary on Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and UAE’s severing of ties with Qatar in light of Bible prophecy


As I make my journey to Mexico, I just wanted to say that as predicted by me, but more importantly by the prophet Ezekiel, the Saudis are moving more and more towards the side of the USA and Israel with their official attitude towards terrorism in general and Iran’s role in it in particular.

The Qatari Emir was quoted last week to prefer the Iranian role in the Arab world.

Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain say they are severing diplomatic relations with Qatar.

The Saudi kingdom said it was cutting ties to its neighbor, Qatar, and has pulled all Qatari troops from the ongoing war in Yemen.

The kingdom made the announcement via its state-run Saudi press agency early on Monday, saying it was taking the action…

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Prophecy Update with Amir – May 22, 2017

Amir gives a current events and Prophecy Update regarding Trump’s visit to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Prophecy Update by Amir Tsarfati – May 17, 2017

Amir gives a current events and prophecy update on Trump’s intelligence leak, moving USA embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Syria, the media and much more!

Update on Macron, Erdogan, Trump and more, May 10, 2017

Amir’s update on Macron’s fast rise to power and Erdogan’s slamming of Israel.

Who are you Emmanuel Macron? by Amir Tsarfati

If you knew me well, you know how careful I am in naming people “the antichrist”. However, I believe that in Emmanuel Macron’s case I can very clearly say that we are watching a young, west European leader who was groomed by the “one world order” gang for this powerful position.

18425233_1330492393707502_6631845502786375050_n.jpgI am NOT talking about grooming him to be the antichrist, but definitely to leadership of Europe. Watching last night the news with the attempt to understand his rise to power, starting from how through working for the Rothchild family he made very quick money, through the effort to not say a word about what was leaked regarding who he truly is, to the unprecedented endorsement by former US president Barack Obama- all I can say that many red flags are raised.

Keep your eyes open! Europe is being conditioned to give eventually birth to the antichrist and it’s only a matter of time! Please watch my message on YouTube from the 2016 Understanding The Times conference – [full source]

” Europe: Ready for the Antichrist”