The “Hitler Of South Africa” Tells White People, He Won’t Kill Them…Yet!

Earlier this week while most of the world was transfixed on the World Cup, the Trump/Kim handshake, or a multitude of other sundry events, Julius Malema, aka the Hitler of South Africa, was busy telling white people in his country that he’s not going wage genocide against them. Yet.

In an interview with TRT World News published this week, Malema said, “We have not called for the killing of white people. At least for now. I can’t guarantee the future.”

When the reporter mentioned that some people might view these remarks as a call to genocide, Malema responded, “Crybabies. Crybabies,” but later warned white South Africans that “the masses are on board” for “an un-led revolution and anarchy”… more

There so much hate in this world! This is predicted in the bible.

Matthew 24:12 And because lawlessness will be increased, the love of many will grow cold.

This is but a small glimpse of what the tribulation will be like. It starts with the horses then it continues and will keep going in Revelation.

  1. Who Is Worthy To Open The Scroll & Break Its Seals
  2. First Seal – Tribulation Begins & Rider is To Conquer
  3. Second, Third and Fourth Seal – War Then Famine, Pestilence and Death
  4. Second Seal – Take Peace From The Earth
  5. Third Seal – Famine
  6. Fourth Seal – Death
  7. Fifth Seal – Souls Under the Alter
  8. Sixth Seal – Earth Trembles, Terror Emerges & Physical Change has Arrived
  9. Seventh Seal – Silence In Heaven
  10. Sealed Of The 144,000 From Every Tribe Of Israel

‘Beheading and Rape’: Heidi Baker Issues Call to Prayer as Ministry Faces Threats by Islamic Terrorists

Image source: Facebook/Heidi BakerWell-known American missionary Heidi Baker has appealed for prayers as violent Islamic militants edge closer to her ministry base in Pemba, Mozambique.

Baker, who leads Iris Global ministries, recently took to Facebook to update followers on the current situation. She wrote that “recently a number of Christians have been killed here,” adding that “women have been raped and many homes have been burned” by Islamic terrorists.

“Our enemies are not men and women, but the dark spirit of the enemy who desires to kill, steal, and destroy,” she continued. “We forgive those who do not understand what they are doing, and we ask for peace to flow from heaven into the hearts of our neighbors, and to surround our people like a wall.”

Then, in an official statement released by Irish Global on June 10, Baker offered further details surrounding the perilous situation:… more

‘Praying for Peace’: Heidi Baker’s Iris Global Ministry Taking Steps as Terrorists Strike Mozambique

Iris Global ministry has released an official statement about the terrorist attacks taking place in Mozambique hours after a Facebook post revealed that the ministry might be in danger.

In a Facebook post-Sunday, the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) alerted its followers that Heidi Baker was requesting prayer for her ministry in Pemba, Mozambique.

“She asked IHOPKC to pray for them urgently,” IHOPKC’s Mike Bickle wrote. “Terrorist(s) are attacking villages in the Pemba area numerous people have been killed in last few days. They are beheading people and burning small villages and more. She has to move 250 students out of Pemba to Johannesburg in next few days. Roads have been closed off in Pemba. Military are trying to protect the areas but cannot get in.”… more

Death Penalty ‘Now Mandatory’ for All Who Blaspheme Against Islam in Mauritania: Group

A missionary group that exposes Christian persecution has warned that new changes to Mauritania’s apostasy law means that the death penalty will now be an unavoidable punishment for all people who are found to have blasphemed against Islam, even if they repent.

Todd Nettleton of The Voice of the Martyrs told Mission Network News on Thursday that there is increasing worry among Christians in the African nation regarding the changes to the law made by the Mauritanian National Assembly on April 27, which removes the three-day window of opportunity for people to repent from blasphemy before they are punished.

“This new law sort of becomes more stringent — that three days to repent disappears. Everyone is going to be punished. Even if you do repent, you are still going to be punished. And in the case of blasphemous remarks or sacrilegious acts, according to the law, the death penalty is now mandatory,” Nettleton said… more

After Kenya, now Uganda: Giant cracks destroy over 300 houses and prompt evacuation of dozens of residents in Uganda in the East African Rift (videos and pictures)

earth cracks uganda, earth cracks uganda may 2018, earth cracks uganda video may 2018, earth cracks uganda pictures may 2018Over 300 homes have been destroyed and several people displaced after several big cracks developed following heavy rain in Bupoto Sub County and Namisindwa town council in Namisindwa district, Uganda on May 23, 2018. The fissures in the ground go right through people’s houses, gardens and bridges have been washed away. Like Kenya, Uganda is situated in the valley of the East African Rift, which is in the process of splitting the African Plate into two new separate plates – the Nubian Plate and the Somali Plate. After giant cracks opened up in Kenya, now Uganda has its own cracks. Something big is happening in the region right now! Just to say… more

Some 39 Nigerian Christians Massacred, Houses Burned Down in Violent Rampage

Christians in Nigeria suffered a second mass-scale slaughter in the space of a few days, according to reports, after Muslim Fulani herdsmen attacked villages in Benue state this week, leading to the deaths of at least 39 people.

Morning Star News reported of several attacks throughout the state that targeted Christian communities, including one on Tuesday night on the predominantly Christian Tse-Umenge, Mbakpase and Tse-Ali villages, where 160 houses were burned down.

Mbakpase resident Alice Terwase explained that the attackers wore army camouflage and carried AK-47 weapons.

“The herdsmen destroyed more than 60 houses in our village, and three members of my community were also killed during the attack,” Terwase told the news service…. more

See No Evil: The South African Holocaust

( Note from Jan: It is grievous to report on a dark story but until the church becomes aware of this 21st-century holocaust, it is not likely to improve. My thanks to Jill Martin Rische for exposing it. I have been receiving personal updates from Pastor Gabriel Joubert in South Africa who airs “Understanding the Times” radio weekly. He says the program is a lifeline for them and they cling to the blessed hope. Please care about this tragedy and act as Jill Martin Rische has suggested below.)

Fox News ran coverage recently of the shocking events in South Africa. As an end time scenario, it was almost apocalyptic. Any land belonging to whites — including Jews — must be taken from them without compensation. Death is a weapon they won’t rule out, with members of the racist African National Congress (ANC) government calling for the execution of anyone who is white.

At political rallies, they dance to songs of “death to whites” while jobs are given to blacks under the Black Economic Empowerment law and whites are forced into ghettos. Meanwhile, America forbids immigration and stands on the sidelines, sending $350 million a year to the ANC fascist government. This is South Africa today…. more

Keep these people in your prayers! Lord help them, save them, give them courage and help them get out.

This Group Slaughtered 225 Christians in March Alone but World Is Silent

A shocking 225 Christians were massacred in Nigeria in March by the radical Fulani herdsmen, according to a watchdog group. Yet the Nigerian government and Western media are failing to take adequate notice of the severity of the escalating crisis, the group said.

International Christian Concern, which monitors attacks on Christians around the world and has been shining a focus on Nigeria, said last week that followers of Christ

Political Shades 3D Map of Nigeria

suffered 27 attacks by the Fulani in March alone.

The raids, mostly in the Plateau and Taraba states, led to the deaths of 225 Christians, along with the destruction of homes and and displacement of thousands of families…. more