Weather & News Update – May 22, 2017

Flooding in Columbia, Flooding in Jamaica, Earthquake in Tehran, Giant snails found in Peru, Unknown carcass was found in Indonesia, Extreme storms hit the U.S. again with Tornadoes and hail, Droughts in Africa, Computers being attack by malware, Missile launch from North Korea, Indonesian men sentenced to 85 lashes… and more

Weather & Updated News – May 11, 2017

Hailstorms in Iran and U.S., Beach reappears after 33 years, China enduring flooding, Volcano spews in Guatemala, Leopard Sharks dying near California, Iceland concerned about Volcano eruption soon, Pakistan and India burning up with heat, Lightning storm injured people, Whale washed up on shore, Worst Flooding occurring in Canada, Cholera outbreak in Yemen, Minnesota dealing with Measles outbreak (be sure to do your research on the MMR vaccination), Florida in drought and is on fire, Monumental clash and protesters battle to have it taken down — once you forget the past you will relive it again. We are going to fight the civil war all over again!

Weather & News Updates – May 9, 2017

Bad thunderstorms causing so much flooding, tornadoes and more, Two children caught in water after truck turned over, Beijing experiencing strong winds, China experiencing strong winds, Massive flooding across U.S., Atheist want bench removed that has the word God in it, Television having cameras in them and spying on you and more…

Historic flooding hits Missouri and Arkansas, more heavy rain on the way

Historic flooding hits Missouri and Arkansas, more heavy rain on the wayParts of Missouri and Arkansas are experiencing historic flooding after a powerful storm produced deadly tornadoes, strong winds and heavy rain, leaving at least 20 people dead and dozens injured. Although flooding in some areas already reached historic levels, this event is still not over as another storm is set to drop heavy rain on already soaked Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Illinois and Indiana through the rest of the week.

Hundreds of roads were closed in Missouri, Arkansas and Illinois over the weekend as dangerous weather system rolled in with strong winds and heavy rain. Some areas saw as much as 280 mm (11 inches). The rain caused a sudden rise in rivers, some of which already reached historic levels before the next round of heavy rain hits the region. The nation’s biggest rivers are flooding, too… read more

Video Shows Strangers Rescue Babies From Watery Grave in Texas

It was a scene out of a watery hell: A vehicle flipped over by a flooded Texas highway, good Samaritans trying desperately to pull two trapped babies out, a blaring horn, the crackle of thunder, the desperate cries of rescuers racing against time.

Jaime Martinez, who was heading to a party with a pal on Saturday when he came across the rescue-in-progress, knew just what to do. Thirty years ago, he had been a firefighter in Guatemala, and he never dreamed he would need to tap that training again.

“It was something that I can’t believe happened,” Martinez, 58 and overcome with emotion, told NBC News on Monday. “People were crying, there was a lot of confusion. The parents were still in the car at the time. Everyone was trying to do as much as they could do.”… read more