Weather & News Update – May 24, 2017

This image has nothing to do with this video.

Manchaster U.K. was attacked during an American Concert, Drought in South Angola, Spreading of Cholera, Volcanoes erupting, Greek Island battling plague of locusts, India battling heatwave, Sea Life fighting back, Violence at an airport in U.S., Landslide in California, North Korea still launching missiles, Trump visited the Western Wall, Extreme storms in Florida, Scientist creating blood and Martial law.

Weather & News Update – May 22, 2017

Flooding in Columbia, Flooding in Jamaica, Earthquake in Tehran, Giant snails found in Peru, Unknown carcass was found in Indonesia, Extreme storms hit the U.S. again with Tornadoes and hail, Droughts in Africa, Computers being attack by malware, Missile launch from North Korea, Indonesian men sentenced to 85 lashes… and more

Weather & Updated News – May 11, 2017

Hailstorms in Iran and U.S., Beach reappears after 33 years, China enduring flooding, Volcano spews in Guatemala, Leopard Sharks dying near California, Iceland concerned about Volcano eruption soon, Pakistan and India burning up with heat, Lightning storm injured people, Whale washed up on shore, Worst Flooding occurring in Canada, Cholera outbreak in Yemen, Minnesota dealing with Measles outbreak (be sure to do your research on the MMR vaccination), Florida in drought and is on fire, Monumental clash and protesters battle to have it taken down — once you forget the past you will relive it again. We are going to fight the civil war all over again!

TEMA declares state of emergency over drought in Tennessee

Current U.S. Drought MonitorThe Tennessee Emergency Management Agency has declared a state of emergency In response to the continuing drought Thursday evening.

TEMA Director Patrick Sheehan pointed to the drought’s impact on over 300 water systems, 6,000 acres burned in wildfires and weather forecasts that are not showing any significant precipitation in Tennessee through the remainder of 2016.

“The State of Emergency will allow TEMA to engage personnel and resources from our State and Federal partners to be sure we are in a position to respond effectively and quickly to protect lives and property from what is emerging as a prolonged drought and wildfire threat in Tennessee,” Sheehan said in a news release…. [read more]

Grass now grows where fish once swam as China’s largest freshwater lake dries out

Parts of China’s largest freshwater lake have dried up, with a huge patch of grassland where there once was water after the level fell continuously since September.

The water level of Poyang Lake in eastern Jiangxi province as measured by the Xingzi hydrological station had dropped to 10.6 metres on Thursday. The lake entered its low-water period of less than 12 metres on September 19, 54 days earlier than usual, state news agency Xinhua reported.

The report said tourists could now walk on the former lakebed in Duchang county and view flowering aubergine plants, as if they were wandering through fields.

Pictures show well-known Luoxingdun island in Lushan, a city that neighbours Duchang, high and dry and surrounded by grass. The island that used to be in the middle of the lake is currently regarded as a scale of the water level’s ups and downs, rather than a navigation mark and lighthouse as in the past….. [read more]