‘Eye-bleeding fever’ outbreak CONFIRMED: Fears of PANDEMIC as disease hits SECOND country

Ugandan CCHF outbreakUganda’s health ministry has today finally admitted it is facing the risk of a large-scale explosion of the viral hemorrhagic fever (VHF).

VHF causes victims to suffer a burning fever before beginning to bleed from orifices including their eyes, anuses and mouths.

It comes after a girl, nine, was reportedly killed by the infection Uganda, and three people died in neighbouring South Sudan of similar symptoms.

Uganda health minster Sarah Opendi confirmed emergency response teams are now being deployed to the districts of Nakaseke and Luweero…. more

Lord we pray for these people in Uganda. Lord we pray they cry out to you in their time of need. Please hear and heal them and show them your love and mercy.


Alabama Declares State Of Emergency Over Flu Epidemic As Death Toll Rises

https://www.zerohedge.com/sites/default/files/inline-images/20180113_AL_0.pngCiting a strain on “overwhelmed” health resources, Governor Kay Ivey declared an official State of Emergency in Alabama on Thursday due to the rapidly spreading flu epidemic.

WHEREAS the State Health Officer has reported that an outbreak of the influenza virus has occurred in the State of Alabama; and

WHEREAS this outbreak poses a high probability of widespread exposure to an infectious agent that poses significant risk of substantial harm to a large number of people in the affected population; and

WHEREAS the health care facilities and personnel of the State are overwhelmed by the number of ill patients and taxed to such an extent that care of patients may now no longer be provided in the traditional, normal, and customary manner nor is the utilization of traditional, normal, and customary standards of care possible…. more

If you want a natural alternative read here.

12,000 flee as lava oozes from Philippine volcano

Thousands fled from their homes as lava oozed out of a rumbling Philippine volcano on Monday in what volcanologists described as a “quiet eruption”, warning it could lead to a hazardous explosion within days.

Lava was slowly flowing out of the Mayon volcano’s crater along with a spectacular 1,000-metre (3,280-foot) ash plume rising into the sky, the nation’s volcanology institute said.

More than 12,000 people have been ordered to leave a seven-kilometre (four-mile) danger zone around the crater, as officials warned them of potentially destructive mudflows and toxic clouds.

“Technically, the volcano is erupting but the eruption is fairly quiet. It may escalate into a hazardous eruption,” Paul Alanis, science research specialist at the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs), told AFP…. more

Oceans are suffocating

oceans are suffocating, oceans are dying, climate change oceans dead zones, dead zones increase in oceansOcean “dead zones” — regions of the sea where oxygen is severely or entirely depleted and most forms of life can’t survive — are booming worldwide, and scientists warn that they will continue to increase. Even outside these near-lifeless ocean regions, influxes of nutrient pollution are throttling oxygen levels in the open ocean and in coastal areas, threatening communities of sea life around the world. And less oxygen in the ocean doesn’t just spell trouble for marine plants and animals — it could carry serious repercussions for life on land as well.

While water molecules contain oxygen atoms, liquid water must also contain dissolved oxygen in order for fish and other organisms to breathe. Oxygen-deprived dead zones were first identified in estuaries — bodies of water where rivers flow into the sea — in the mid-19th century, and their oxygen depletion was linked to the presence of urban sewage in the water…. more

Truth of why our ocean is dying – Sea Life and Birds Dying, Why?
Almost daily we hear in the news or read an article about the sea life and birds dying off in masses? They are dying and there is no explanation according to this one article “OCEAN LIFE IS DYING IN MASS, AND NO ONE KNOWS WHY?” this article states: In the past 70 years researchers have found that….

US sets new cost record for major disasters

US sets new cost record for major disastersThe United States set a new record last year for the total cost of weather and climate change-related disasters that exceeded $1 billion, driven largely by wildfires and hurricanes.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Center for Environmental Information said in a Monday report that the 16 disasters that cost more than $1 billion added up to $306 billion. The total number of disasters tied with 2011 for a record, while the total cost was a new high.

“The damage from Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria alone are responsible for approximately $265.0 billion of the $306.2 billion,” Adam Smith, an economist at NOAA, wrote in a blog post. “Each of these destructive hurricanes now joins Katrina and Sandy, in the new top 5 costliest U.S. hurricanes on record.”… more

Do you believe God is trying to get our attention. We have record breaking weather that destroyed much of America. God is merciful and He wants us to repent and turn to Him.

Life-threatening Tropical Cyclone “Ava” to hit Madagascar, heavy rain already falling

Life-threatening Tropical Cyclone A tropical cyclone designated 03S, named Ava at 09:00 UTC, January 3, has formed east of Madagascar and is currently affecting Reunion, Mauritius and especially northern Madagascar where heavy rain is already causing problems. This system is expected to continue organizing and gaining strength until it makes landfall early Friday, January 5, 2018 (UTC) along the northeastern coast of Madagascar. Be ready for strong winds, dangerous storm surge, heavy rain, flooding and landslides.

Ava is the first named cyclone of the 2017-18 South-West Indian Ocean cyclone season. It comes unusually late in a season which runs November 15 through April 30/May 15.

Showers produced by TC03S, now Ava, started across northern Madagascar late Tuesday, January 2 and intensified overnight Wednesday, reaching close to and over 200 mm (7.8 inches) in some places by Wednesday morning. Reunion and Mauritius saw first drops of rain around 09:00 UTC Tuesday and accumulated close to 100 mm (3.9 inches) in places over the next 24 hours…. more

US and Canada: Extremely cold temperatures continue, list of broken records

US and Canada: Extremely cold temperatures continue, list of broken recordsExtremely cold, dangerous temperatures will continue across much of the United States and southern Canada into next week, with heavy wintry precipitation continuing across the Pacific Northwest and Northern Rockies into Saturday, December 30. This cold blast is both severe and unusually long, one of the sharpest New Year cold blasts on record. Numerous records were already broken and many new ones are expected before this ends.

Dangerously cold temperatures and wind chills will continue across the Northern/Central Plains, Great Lakes, and Northeast into early next week, NWS warns. Heavy mountain snow and freezing rain in some lower elevations will lead to dangerous travel conditions into Saturday, December 30 across the Pacific Northwest and northern Rockies. Meanwhile, heavy lake-effect snows are expected across the Great Lakes this weekend…. more

Ex-Navy pilot describes eerie encounter with UFO

Former U.S. Navy pilot Cmdr. David Fravor described his eerie encounter with a UFO on Monday, saying it resembled a white Tic Tac and was clearly “not from the Earth.”

“It was a real object, it exists and I saw it,” he told the Washington Post. “Something not from the Earth.”

Fravor spotted the flying object on Nov. 14, 2004, after a break in a routine training mission about 60 to 100 miles off the coast between San Diego, California, and Ensenada, Mexico, the newspaper reported.

He was searching for some flying objects that officials had been tracking, when he spotted one hovering above the ocean’s surface…. more

Evil is real and we can see them. We have angels fighting in the heavenly realms (Daniel 10). Be careful what you believe and listen. They are making statements as if there is life that exist other than us. This is not what scripture says, God tells you what this is.

Ephesians 6:12 For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.

Aliens – Do you believe in aliens or is this a myth
1 Peter 2:10-12 Once you were not a people [at all], but now you are God’s people; once you were unpitied, but now you are pitied and have received mercy. Beloved, I implore you as aliens and strangers and exiles [in this world] to abstain from the sensual urges (the evil desires, the passions of the flesh, your lower nature) that wage war against … more