Weather Updates & News – July 20, 2017

Sinkhole in Mexico, Volcano erupted in Tanzania, Toxic waste now being dumped again into ocean by Japan – Fukushima, Earthquake in the U.S., Heavy thunderstorms in Metsova, Earthquake in China, Heavy storms in China, Flash Flooding in Arizona, Heavy rain and flooding in Turkey, Utah has wildfires people evacuating there homes, Europe has all time high record heat, Major earthquakes occur within 4 hours of each other, Wildfires still blazing in British Columbia, Chile is being bombarded with snow and more…

Mexico Residents Fear a New Volcano Is Being Formed Beneath Them After Eruption of Smoke, Gas

The site of a July 9 eruption of gas and smoke in a Michoacán, Mexico, field. (Michoacán Government Officials)
Residents in a Mexican town are on edge as fears grow that a new volcano is brewing beneath their feet.

Despite assurances from experts that a new volcano is not likely to form, a July 9 eruption of gas and smoke from a field, coupled with cracks on the ground in Pueblo Viejo, in the southern state of Michoacán, has left residents fearing the worst, according to Reuters.

Temperatures of nearly 500 degrees Fahrenheit reportedly have been registered in the subsoil.

To protect curious residents, local officials have cordoned off the area.<!–more–>

Weather & Updated News – July 14, 2017

Bangladesh has devastating flooding, Landslide in Bangladesh, Hailstorms in Saanxi Province, China large section of mountain collapses, Wisconsin has heavy flooding, Wildfires burn out of control in Italy, India is flooding in the northeast part, British Columbia has blazing wildfires, Underground explosion in Mexico, Mass extinctions in our animals and more… 

Weather & Updated News – July 5, 2017

Moscow hit by extreme storms caused flooding, Russia, Many countries are seeing high temperatures and flooding, China has flooding, Over 2 million people being forced out of homes due to the sea rising, Heatwave in Bulgaria, Sinkhole in Russia, New York has flooding, Volcano erupts in Mexico, Tornado in US, Ebola outbreak in Africa, Penguins on a beach in South America, World’s biggest warship docks in Israel, Travel Ban in America, Facial recognition in airports and more…

Weather & News Updates July 1, 2017

Storm slams into Europe, Landslide hits China, Jelly fish are washing up on the beach, Ozone layer, Volcano in Alaska, Arizona is heating up, Earthquakes at Yellowstone Park, South and North Dakota extreme drought, Greece having high heat temperature, Lightning strike hurt someone,  Tornadoes touch down in U.S., Ten Commandments gets full attention and destroyed, Cyber attack around the world, Kaspersky under investigation, Travel Ban in the U.S. and more…

Weather & News Updates – June 14, 2017

Earthquake hit Turkey, Volcano in Japan erupted, Volcano in Costa Rica erupts, Thousands of fish die in Washington, People are being found after cyclone hits Bangladesh, Flooding submerging homes in Ghana, Typhoon hits China, Tornado in Wyoming, Sinkhole opens up in Florida, Sinkhole expands in China.