Enormous sinkhole drains lake in Franca, Brazil killing thousands of fish and almost sucking down a boat

dam drained in Brazil video, giant sinkhole drains lake in brzil, brazil dam lake drained by sinkhole, water whirlwind sucks up a ship with two dam workers after dam is drined accidentally video, dam drained in Brazil video thousands of dead fishThousands of fish were killed and a two-person boat almost swallowed into an enormous sinkhole after the largest dam in Franca, Sao Paolo, Brazil was drained accidentally late Friday afternoon (15).

This footage is just terrifying!

Thousands of fish were killed and a two-person boat stalked into a hole after the largest dam in Franca, Brazil was completely drained by mistake on September 15, 2017.

The dam’s staff jumped into a boat to try saving some fish trapped in the mud after the water began to flow uncontrolled to Córrego do Espraiado… read more


Enormous sinkhole opens up in Apopka, Florida forming like a giant crack in the ground (video)

giant sinkhole opens up in Apopka Florida, apopka sinkhole, apopka florida sinkholeA gigantic sinkhole opened up in Apopka, Florida on September 13, 2017, literally opening a crack in the Earth. Another consequence of Hurricane Irma big time flooding.

Irma was so powerful that it drained shorelines in Florida and the Bahamas. And as some already asked me on Facebook and in the comments, the resulting flooding also caused apocalyptical sceneries like this giant sinkhole literally scaring the Earth in Apopka… read more

Weather & Updated News – July 27, 2017

China extreme thunderstorm, Oregon has a wall of clouds, 8 inches of rain in 48 hours causes massive flooding in New Zealand, 8 tropical storms at once, China braces for typhoon, Vietnam prepares for typhoon coming there way, Earthquake in China, Flooding and sinkholes in Arizona, Wildfires in France, Mexico volcano erupts, Flooding in Asia (sank there Buddhist Pagoda) Leviticus 26:30 And I will destroy your high places, and cut down your images, and cast your carcases upon the carcases of your idols, and my soul shall abhor you.,Fukushima still destroying, U.S. making a decision whether to have a budget for transgender surgeries and hormone replacement, Temple Mount tensions are rising, Japan has massive flooding and evacuated 100,000 people, North Korea in the worst drought, U.S. embracing microchips (Get this to buy snacks! When they quit that job that allows them access, what is next??) and more…

Weather Updates & News – July 20, 2017

Sinkhole in Mexico, Volcano erupted in Tanzania, Toxic waste now being dumped again into ocean by Japan – Fukushima, Earthquake in the U.S., Heavy thunderstorms in Metsova, Earthquake in China, Heavy storms in China, Flash Flooding in Arizona, Heavy rain and flooding in Turkey, Utah has wildfires people evacuating there homes, Europe has all time high record heat, Major earthquakes occur within 4 hours of each other, Wildfires still blazing in British Columbia, Chile is being bombarded with snow and more…

Weather Updates & News – July 17, 2017

China is hammered with rain and flooding, Ohio has flooding, EELS are on Oregon’s highway, Heatwave in China (we are seeing record high heat in many countries), Flooding in the midwest of U.S., Sinkhole in Florida, Terror attack in Israel, Travel Ban in the U.S., Military and transgender, Power of Prayer in the Oval office…

Weather & Updated News – July 5, 2017

Moscow hit by extreme storms caused flooding, Russia, Many countries are seeing high temperatures and flooding, China has flooding, Over 2 million people being forced out of homes due to the sea rising, Heatwave in Bulgaria, Sinkhole in Russia, New York has flooding, Volcano erupts in Mexico, Tornado in US, Ebola outbreak in Africa, Penguins on a beach in South America, World’s biggest warship docks in Israel, Travel Ban in America, Facial recognition in airports and more…

Weather & News Updates – June 14, 2017

Earthquake hit Turkey, Volcano in Japan erupted, Volcano in Costa Rica erupts, Thousands of fish die in Washington, People are being found after cyclone hits Bangladesh, Flooding submerging homes in Ghana, Typhoon hits China, Tornado in Wyoming, Sinkhole opens up in Florida, Sinkhole expands in China.

Massive earth crack forms in Manipur, destroying villages

Massive earth crack forms in Manipur, destroying villagesA massive earth crack that developed Sunday morning, June 4, 2017 in the Indian state of Manipur is widening with every passing hour, threatening several villages in the Kangpokpi district to be completely destroyed. More than 250 people have been evacuated to a temporary relief camp and are now facing water and power shortage.

By June 5, the fissure destroyed at least 11 houses, while 19 more were on the verge of falling apart. More than 20 paddy fields have been damaged, numerous huge trees have caved in and more land has slid down.

In addition, two huge water bodies have ‘formed near Kalikhola village today while one electric post was also badly damaged,’ The Sangai Express reported June 5.

“The origin of the earth fissure is below J Songtun village and it slid down towards Kalikhola village developing larger fissure in the areas and has expanded to a radius of 5 km (3.1 km) approximately now. The PMGSY road connecting IT road and Kalapahar via Makuli has also slid down about 300 meters (980 feet) from the original site. All water pipelines have been badly damaged,” the paper said. … read more