Defense Minister: It’s not time to bark, it’s time to bite and we’ll bite hard.

LIB.jpgLieberman warns Syria, Iran against further aggression on Israel; Announces budget increase for “fortifying” Israel’s north; Refers to Russia-Israel military coordination as “effective relationship”.

Israel Defense Minister warned Syria and Iran against any further provocation with the State of Israel, stating “It’s not time to bark, it’s time to bite and we’ll bite hard. I hope we won’t have to do it.”

Lieberman toured Israel’s northern city of Kiryat Shmona on Tuesday morning, reporting that Israel’s Finance Ministry will invest over $14 million to “fortifying the home front here in the north,” including improving bomb shelters for northern cities amidst imminent threats from Syria and Lebanon…. more


Israel Air Force attacked Syrian research center near Damascus overnight

Strikes reported on research center overnight; Syrian Army claims it destroyed most of missiles fired; Syrian Army: This blatant aggression comes in the context of desperate attempts to raise the morale of terrorist organizations that are falling apart.

The Israel Air Force carried out airstrikes in Syria north of Damascus overnight. Syrian media reported the strikes on the Syrian Scientific Studies and Research Center in Jamraya north of Syria’s capital.

The Syrian Army reported Israeli jets striking the research center from Lebanese airspace. As with majority of covert operations in Syria, it claimed they intercepted majority of the rockets. It confirmed the strikes stating “This morning, Israeli warplanes fired several missiles from Lebanese airspace on one of our military positions in the Damascus countryside. Our air defense systems blocked them and destroyed most of them.”… more

Middle East Current Events Update & Turkey Invades Syria

Amir gives an important Middle East current events update on Kurdish and Turkish developments, the Palestinians, Pence’s visit to Israel and much more.

Turkey INVADES Syria – tanks and soldiers cross the border

Turkey Syria

Forces entered the country’s Afrin province today just 24 hours after pounding the region with airstrikes.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim reportedly said they are targeting US-backed Kurdish fighters.

Shocking pictures show dozens of tanks and armoured vehicles crossing over the border in a terrifying display of military might…. more

Syrian army reports several Israeli strikes outside of Damascus overnight

Mirage_F1_CR_p1040648.jpgReports claim airstrikes and ground-to-ground rocket attacks overnight; Syrian army claims it intercepted several of the rockets, warns Israel against further terrorism, claims it is “prepared to deal with these attacks”; IDF refuses to comment; PM: Israel has a longstanding policy to prevent the transfer of game-changing weapons to Hezbollah in Syrian territory. This policy has not changed. We back it up, if necessary, with action.

The Syrian Army reported 3 separate Israeli airstrikes and ground-to-ground missiles attacks outside of Damascus overnight. Rebel forces reported that the strikes had targeted the Syrian army’s 55th Artillery Regiment. The base was known to be storing long-range and Scud missiles.

According to the Syrian Army, the airstrikes were carried out on the Al-Qutayfah outside of Damascus, the first taking place at 2:40 am by airstrikes. It claimed the attacks were carried out from Lebanese airspace, reporting “Close to 2:40 am, the Israel Air Force fired a number of missiles over Lebanese territory at the Al-Qutayfah suburbs of the capital of Damascus. Our air defense systems responded and hit one of the planes (jets).”…. more

Israeli jets strike Iranian military base near Damascus

An Israeli F-16 fighter jet (Reuters)Reports surface of airstrikes Friday night on Iranian military base near Al-Kiswa, not far from Damascus; Lieberman: We will not allow Iranian entrenchment in Syria, nor will we allow Syria to become a front line against the State of Israel, Dec. 2, 2017.

Israel reportedly carried out airstrikes on an Iranian military base outside of Damascus Friday night. The reports, which first surfaced from Arab media sources in Lebanon followed by Syria claim the strikes were carried out from Lebanese airspace targeting an Iranian military base in Al-Kiswa, not far from Damascus.

Israeli jets were reported to have fired air-to-surface missiles at the target, Syria’s air defense system firing missiles at the jets in retaliation….. read more

Drums of Big War Heard in Middle East

Isaiah 17:1 The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.


I am watching the Middle East very closely. It appears that Saudi Arabia has no choice but war with Iran. With the fall of ISIS, the way is now clear for Iran to move its army into Syria which will threaten Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. Iran is very aggressive throughout the region and the Saudis are backed into a corner.

If Iran moves it army into Syria or attacks Saudi Arabia, Israel will be forced to attack Iran which also means Hezbollah and Hamas. Israel can’t let Iran defeat Saudi Arabia. This war will drag Egypt into it.

No matter what keep you eyes fixed on the Lord Jesus coming for his bride!… read more

After The Caliphate

By Hal Lindsey

In its heyday, ISIS conquered large swaths of territory. Al-Qaeda and other terror groups have controlled pockets of land here and there, but not like ISIS. For a couple of years, ISIS was building a country. More precisely, they were building a caliphate.

In 2014, ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, made the claim that his genealogy went back to Mohammed himself — a requirement for a true caliph. His followers began using the title “Caliph” to address and describe him. They called him, “Commander of the Believers.” They saw him as the leader of all Muslims. ISIS changed names. It became simply “The Islamic State.”

Thankfully, all that is disappearing now. ISIS controls territory in Syria and Iraq, but less every day. Their hope of a grand future is dying. Young people from all over the world came to Syria and Iraq, eager to join “a great cause.” Thousands of them now lie in mass graves.

Our military commanders correctly remind us that there is much to be done. But the fearsome ISIS war machine long ago lost momentum, then began to lose its lands. In July, Iraqi forces retook the ISIS stronghold of Mosul. A few days ago, a U.S.-backed group called the “Syrian Democratic Forces” took over Raqqa in Syria. That had been the defacto capital of ISIS…. read more

Amir’s breaking news update on Israel’s strikes in Syria

Amir gives a crucial update on IDF strikes on a Syrian nuclear weapons factory overnight. The strike is the most significant since Israel destroyed a Syrian-N. Korean nuclear reactor in 2007.