Porn Use in Church Continues to Escalate

porn in the church

I think one of the reasons, and maybe the main reason, for the powerless modern American church is the sin of pornography in the camp. How many powerless pastors have their minds soaked in pornography?  This sin grieves the Holy Spirit and renders the believers powerless with a feeling of condemnation. What pornography does is create sexual idolatry in the mind which deadens one’s emotions. A person lives in a sexual fantasy land rather than in reality. In the end, it can rule a person’s life just as crack cocaine can do.

I have prayed with great results for many males and females to be set free from the bondage of this sin. If you would like prayer, please email me at, and I can arrange a time for prayer. With females I always have a female prayer partner with me.

May the Holy God of Israel bless and protect you.

John 14:2-3 In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you. And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again, and receive you unto myself; that where I am, there ye may be also…. [read more]

Many more U.S. Christians headed to jail in 2016?

Kim Davis The year 2015 witnessed a Supreme Court decision ruling there was a constitutional right to same-sex marriage, a federal judge jailing a county clerk for refusing to issue licenses to gay couples and the public explosion of the transgender movement, but one of the key figures in the culture wars says 2016 could well… Continue reading “Many more U.S. Christians headed to jail in 2016?”

Murdered Pastor’s Wife Amanda Blackburn Wrote This Love Letter to Jesus Hours Before She Died

Davey and Amanda Blackburn with their son, Weston.As reports circulated of the murder of Amanda Blackburn, everyone from her husband to her father to her sister focused on one fact: Blackburn was in love with Jesus.

Her husband, Davey Blackburn, recently tweeted Amanda’s last journal entry, mere hours before her death.

Murdered Pastor’s Wife Amanda Blackburn Wrote This Love Letter to Jesus Hours Before She Died

Court Puts Church Freedom Over Government Regulations

The European Court of Human Rights Tuesday strengthened the right of churches to operate freely without government interference.The European Court of Human Rights Tuesday strengthened the right of churches to operate freely without government interference.

ADF International filed an expert brief in the case Nagy v. Hungary, arguing that, according to international law, churches and religious organizations are entitled to manage their internal affairs without interference by the government or other state bodies. With its ruling, the court strengthened the principle of church autonomy at the center of the right to freedom of religion.

Court Puts Church Freedom Over Government Regulations

60-Year-Old Ohio ‘Pastor’ Committing Adultery With Pregnant Teenager Has Wife’s ‘Blessing’

A 60-year-old Ohio former mob enforcer, who now considers himself a minister of God, has “married” his teenage bride and got her pregnant, all with the blessing of the other lady in his life — his 44-year-old wife. “The whole situation works for all three of us,” Thom Miller told Barcroft Media. “I am the only one who is allowed to have more than one partner — and both of my wives understand and appreciate that.”

LHWM Notes: First there story reminds me of the one in the bible about Abraham and Sarah. When you read Genesis 16-21 you see all they went through, but the plan was not for Abraham to sleep with Hagar. The plan was for Sarah to wait, and just like this lady concerning her husband she wanted her husband to find someone. Now they are having a child together. If you listen to what they say they do not glorify God. Jesus is not involved in their relationship! They talk about what they want and what they need. No where in scripture does God accept this behavior.
So, what does scripture say:
Monogamy versus Polygamy
– Ideal is monogamy Genesis 29:16-30, I Timothy 3:2,12
Polygamy was practiced in the Old Testament
– Genesis 29:16-30, I Samuel 1:1-2, I Samuel 25:42-43, I Kings 11:1-3
Polygamy causes friction
– Genesis 30:1, Leviticus 18:18, I Samuel 1:3-8
In all cases is forbidden
– Exodus 20:14, Leviticus 18:20
Excludes one from the Kingdom of God
– Galatians 5:19-21, I Colossians 6:9

The scriptures go on and on, read for yourself what God says. It does not matter what we want, because in the end it is only going to matter what God said. We show our love for God through our obedience (Deuteronomy 5:33, I John 2:5, 5:3, 2 John 1:6) , and His obedience is shown through the Word of God. When people twist the Word of God, and choose not to follow as it says then believe your life will not be filled with blessings. From what we saw on the women’s faces you can clearly see that Joy does not fill their heart. Watch the women as he kisses each of them. Watch their facial expressions. Their faces say a lot that words did not speak of in this interview. What is done is already done. Their journey is going to be a tough one. How do we know this, because of what scripture says.

60-Year-Old Ohio ‘Pastor’ Committing Adultery With Pregnant Teenager Has Wife’s ‘Blessing’