South Asia Flooding Death Toll 20 Times Higher Than Harvey; Christians Helping as Diseases Spread

Christian groups are serving as the “hands and feet of Christ” as the death toll from the rains and flooding of South Asia’s monsoon season has risen to 1,400 people, which is nearly 20 times higher than Hurricane Harvey’s death toll of 70.

Affected countries include India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh, with Reuters reporting on Wednesday that besides the 1,400 people killed, thousands of others have been hit by outbreaks of diarrhea, malaria and dengue.

Tens of thousands have been left living in tents, while more than 5.9 millions acres of cropland has been destroyed…. read more


Weather & Updated News 9-5-2017

Alabama torn by tornadoes, Asteroid will pass the earth, Flooding in Pakistan, Mexico flooding due to the hurricane, Wild fires in California, Texas has flooding due to Hurricane, Hurricane Irma is now a category 3 and rising, Antarctica pyramids being discovered and more….

Weather & Updated News – 9-1-2017

Monsoon brings flooding to India, Plane fly’s through tornado activity to land, Russia, Flooding in Turkey, Heatwave in US, California, Hurricane in Texas and Louisiana, Ammonia plant explodes in Texas, People upset with Joel Osteen’s response to the mega storm, Nuclear weapon threat, Pace makers in harms of hacking and more…

Weather & Updated News – August 31, 2017

Japan on high alert concerning North Korea, Missile passing message in Japan on mobile phones, North Korea still testing ballistic missiles, North Korea making threats, London had chemical reaction in the air, Landslide in China, Hailstorm in Spanish town, Hurricane Harvey slams Texas, Hepatitis A outbreak in US (be careful with vaccinations), Germany going through hit list on people and more….

Matthew 24: 6 You are going to hear of wars and rumors of wars. See that you are not alarmed, because these things must take place, but the end is not yet.

Jesus is telling His disciples that before His return there will be signs. Among them are earthquakes, famines, pestilence and many things that will effect the earth. Man has many explanations for what is happening but only God can tell us the Truth… read more

Weather Updates & News – Hurricane Harvey Is Catastrophic 8-28-2017

We just had the solar eclipse on Monday the 21st and many were saying that judgment was coming upon America, Do you agree?

Hurricane Harvey hits hard in Texas – Houston is completely under water. America we hope your waking up, this is God speaking. If you do your research they say a hurricane should drop to a tropical storm when it is on land but in this case it stayed at a category of 3 or below while crossing land not to mention at a snails pace. Lord we pray for these people. May their hearts cry out to Lord and may they once again worship you as Lord God Almighty. Lord we pray for mercy and grace upon them, Amen!

Days Of Noah Are Here

Ezekiel 33:6 AMP “But if the watchman sees the sword coming and does not blow the trumpet, so that the people are not warned, and the sword comes and takes any one of them, that person is taken away in his iniquity, but his blood I will require at the watchman’s hand.”

I read an article recently stating how uninterested most churches are in end-time prophecy. It makes the heart grieve and yearn even more to warn of the time we are living in.

In Mathew 24 and Luke 17 Jesus is telling His disciples the signs that will warn the Son of Man is returning to judge the earth. Though Jesus says no one but the Father knows the exact day and hour, we are to discern the times we are living. Are there current signs indicating His soon return?… read more

Weather & News Updates – August 24, 2017

Typhoon lands in Zhuhai brings massive storms and flooding, Hong Kong suffers damage after typhoon lands, Landslide in Africa, Kansas suffers flooding, Flooding in South Asia, Landslide in Switzerland, Texas has a hurricane coming there way, In Cuba diplomats diagnosed with brain injuries, Japan being hit with lawsuits due to Fukushima, North Korea has new missiles and more….

Weather & Updated News – August 10, 2017

Earthquake shakes China, Flooding in China, Weather changing and getting hotter, Tornado hits Oklahoma, Venezuala starving — Lord Jesus I plea for help over them. Send them food and water Lord. Please provide and may they know it came from you Lord Jesus, Amen, Tuberculosis scare in the U.S. Middle School, Gene editing to stop disease, Spain in severe drought (worse one in 22 years), Heatwave in South Korea, Hurricane heading towards Mexico, Floods in Florida cost jobs and more…

Weather & Updated News – 08-08-2017

Flooding in and man was rescued, Landslide in China, Typhoon hits Japan, Heavy rain in China, Tornado in Oklahoma, Flooding in Kansas, Florida hit with lightening injuring one man, North Korea and nuclear bombs, Australia voting on same sex marriage, Israel bans Al-Jazeera, UK forcing child marriages, Plane tosses passengers around from Greece and Venezuala rioting