Weather & Updated News – August 5, 2017

Typhoons hit China flooding some areas, Flash floods are raging in almost every part of the world from U.S., Nepal, Germany, Greece, Turkey, India, Thailand and China,

Want to know why our weather has gotten worse and why they are getting bigger? Well the best place to look is in the bible. The bible explains why this is occurring. The question is, are we listening and heeding to the warnings?

Jesus is telling His disciples that before His return there will be signs. Among them are earthquakes, famines, pestilence and many things that will effect the earth. Man has many explanations for what is happening but only God can tell us the Truth… read more

Tornado in China, Flooding in Thailand, China issued a yellow alert for rainstorms, Extreme storms in Arizona, Flash flooding in California, Movie titled “An Inconvenient Sequel Truth and Power”

**** Please do not be fooled by man’s talk on climate change and saving our planet. We pray you see the Truth by reading the Holy Bible (KJV the older the better). GOD IS IN CHARGE not man. If you want to know the Truth then we recommend the documentary “The Coming Convergence“.

Caterpillars in abundance in Arizona, Europe in a heatwave, Religion war at a all time high and more…


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