Fear Gripping Your Life? by LWHM

2030 agenda

We all have times and seasons when fear is overwhelming. This is not about a season, the fear of the Lord, or common sense fear this is a fear that dictates how you live. Fear and anger will cripple, destroy, and alter life when it has a grip on our emotions. This kind of fear is not from God (2 Timothy 1:7). Living life dominated by fear is not what God wants for believers.

Fear effects us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Fear has the ability to cause us to think we are losing our mind and not see things clearly. When fear grips what we feel, think, and see it distorts reality. What we are experiencing at that moment seems real and feels like it is really happening, but in reality it is not. When fear takes over our heart rate increases and our breaths become shallow. It makes the smallest things seem to big to overcome which makes us feel helpless and hopeless. Do you have this kind of experience with fear?… read more


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