The God who loves righteousness and justice

Psalm 33.5

The Lord loves righteousness and justice; the earth is full of His unfailing love. Psalm 33:5

How absolutely refreshing this verse is to my soul! The Creator of heaven and earth, the Sustainer of it all, including man…LOVES righteous and justice. I pray that as we read Exodus 21:1 – 23:19 on yesterday that this characteristic of our God was revealed in each heart. The passage covers so many aspects of life…and death. It would be easy to focus of death but how about servants, injuries, stealing, taking advantage of widows and the fatherless, idolatry, lying, rest for workers and animals, food for the poor and even the wild animals, etc.  As I read through, I saw the heart of God for all His creation, the heart of love and provision and protection and deliverance and restoration and grace and mercy. The God of detail who loves righteousness and justice.

You see this truth gives me hope as I watch the evil and wickedness manifested in so many ways today. The reason for my hope is always Jesus and His power and knowing that nothing is impossible for Him…even righteousness and justice…. read more


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