Working With Harsh Bosses

A lot of us in the working world have more than likely had a tough boss to work with. I’d like to define “harsh bosses” as those who are hard to please,

10 Important Bible Verses For Working With Harsh Bosses

excessively critical, impatient, and—I must add—unappreciative. You may feel as though he or she is micromanaging you…and it’s just uncomfortable. I can definitely touch and agree that working with a harsh boss is no bed of flowers.

Sometimes we just want to ditch everything we’ve learned from God and His Word and go off on our bosses, but how does that glorify God?

How are we, as God’s children, expected to respond to these toughies? Should we clap back or respond with grace? Here are some scriptures below that can help you survive working with your hard boss which range from controlling our tongue to forgiving our boss…. read more


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