Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates sever ties with Qatar over terrorism

qatar-1302742_960_720.jpgFour states make announcement Monday; S. Arabia cites support of Iranian militia and use of media; Egypt: [Qatar’s support of terror] threatens Arab national security and sows the seeds of strife and division within Arab societies according to a deliberate plan aimed at the unity and interests of the Arab nation.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates have officially severed ties with Qatar over its ongoing support of terrorism.

The announcement was made on Monday morning, all four states officially cutting ties with Qatar in a coordinated move against terrorism. Each state made televised announcements to its people, citing reasons for the move.

All Gulf States gave Qatari residents in their countries two weeks to leave, announcing the closure of transport ties with Qatar…. read more


3 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates sever ties with Qatar over terrorism

  1. Please keep my son in your prayers. He is in Bahrain and will be for a few more months. He has to stay off base because they don’t have room for him on base.

    Thank you and may God continue to bless you and make you a blessing to others.


      1. Dear Father in Heaven, we also ask, I plead for You dear Lord God to remember him, remember him snd have mercy on him because he had fallen away from You, I pray that You would pour out your Spirit upon him Lord. I remember Lord when he was a very shy little boy and the night we went to this church play. Lord You know the play, it was ‘Heavens Gates and my Hells Flames’. When they gave the alter call I was convicted in my heart that I needed to choose, make a choice, get off the fence. You know my heard God, You also know I was ok with praying right there in the pew, recommitting my life from where I was . I felt that little 10 year old boy, my son moving around me where he was once still. I looked at him to see what he was fidgeting about snd noticed he was making a way out, making a way to go to the alter. Making his way to You. He was shy and always to himself Lord and this was totally out of character for him. I thought, thank You Lord God, and I thought if he can walk down in front of all these people then I certainly can too. And Father You know I did. Lord we were both baptized a few months later on the same day. LORD God please remember his little heart that day and how it was filled with love of Jesus Christ. Remember he was courageous for his own mother. Because he walked down I walked down. Dear Father in this time where he has strayed I pray You might pour out your love, mercy and grace and draw him back to You. This world and these years have taken a toll on him. Do whatever it takes to bring him back to Your loving arms.
        Thank You Lord, I ask this in the name above all names, Jesus Christ. I give You all the glory and honor and praise for it. Thank you. ..amen.


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