Trump Vs Terror by Hal Lindsey

On May 22nd at 10:30 PM local time, an ISIS suicide bomber targeted a Manchester concert audience of mostly teen and pre-teen girls. A few hours later, two unlikely men stood together on a stage in the ancient city of Bethlehem. President Donald Trump of the United States and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas each gave a brief statement before taking questions from the press.

“We would like to reassert our willingness,” Abbas said to Trump, “to continue to work with you as partners in fighting terrorism in our region and in the world.”

It was the kind of thing Abbas has said to western audiences many times before, and especially to U.S. presidents. But in the past, no president ever publicly called him on it while standing next to him. Quietly, diplomatically — Trump did.

Abbas claims to be America’s partner, fighting terrorism in the region. But his government rewards terrorism, terrorists, and the families of terrorists with money and honor. A Palestinian in the region can give financial security to his family by committing a terrorist act. The Abbas government will give his family what they call a “salary” while he remains in prison. That “salary” will be at least as much as the average Palestinian annual wage, and can be four times the average. U.S. taxpayers help fund such “salaries.”

If the terrorist dies as a suicide bomber, Abbas and his comrades will not just give money to the family, they will name a town square (perhaps more than one) in the terrorist’s honor…. read more


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