ISIS Savages Dismember Children, Behead Women in Rampage in Central Syria

As many as 82 people have been killed in a wave of slaughter carried out by the Islamic State terror group in central Hama province in Syria, with reports that women and children have been beheaded and dismembered.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights provided the latest update on the slaughter on Friday, noting that as many as 82 people have been killed in what is the most violent single attack on the countryside of Salamiyah city in more than two years.

SOHR clarified that 56 of the casualties were people killed in the villages of Aqareb al-Safi and Al-Mabujeh, with five children younger than 18 and four women among the dead.

Another 26 casualties were IS members, who were killed during the violent attack…. read more


8 thoughts on “ISIS Savages Dismember Children, Behead Women in Rampage in Central Syria

  1. Amen! All the praise honor and glory go to our King of Kings and Lord of lords! All Your ways are perfect, who can understand them? We trust You! We are looking up and watching as the day of Your return draws ever so near. Help us to be ready. May our lamps be full of oil, I pray the Holy Spirit will fill me. Days are so dark. Help us not to live in fear.


      1. It is hard not to be watching the things in the world in these days and not have some fear. The only way is to keep your eyes on the one truly in control. That is only the Lord Jesus Christ! I have to remind myself daily.
        Thank you for your ministry! God bless you


      2. Yes absolutely! I go back and read our bible studies to keep myself in the word and listen to the word at night. The people will be confused but some will want to know the truth and I pray they receive it. Praying for you 🙂 Thank you for sharing, JB

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  2. Dear Father in Heaven, help us. We cannot understand such horrific things. This is too much. I pray that the Holy Spirit would be upon all those in the middle of these horrors. I pray they would only see your glory as death falls on them. I pray that the victory in Christ Jesus would be all that they see! I pray for those who are committing these murders would have a Saul moment. I pray they would be brought to their knees and they would suddenly see You, the Alpha and the Omega and they would know the truth and know the error of the things that they have committed against You. That they would be brought to sorrowful repentance that would save their souls.
    Thank You God Almighty, thank You for Your son Jesus Christ and thank You for the salvation that has been offered as a gift to all who would receive it. Help us Lord God to forgive these men and women who are committing these evil things. Help us to keep sight on the fact that the evil starts with power and principalities that are working behind the scenes. Help us to keep close to You so that we might not fall into the works of evil also.
    In the mighty name of your son Jesus Christ we ask and pray these things. Amen


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