Foxconn: from Worker Suicides to Plastic Workers

Foxconn, the Taiwanese technology-assembly company infamous several years ago for its spate of worker suicides, has replaced more than half its Kunshan, China workforce with robots. While this reduces Foxconn’s labor costs and H-R headaches, it also pushes down employment for migrant workers, and does not bode well for ongoing changes in China’s labor market.

Foxconn was never adept in dealing with its employees. In 2010, 18 Foxconn workers attempted or committed suicide (14 died) due to excessive strain, including long working hours, isolation, and punishments. Foxconn’s response was to install suicide nets and to force new employees to sign an anti-suicide pledge that states Foxconn will not be held responsible in the case of worker suicides…. read more

by lhwm: They are preparing and moving people to a one world everything. You have cash going away so it can be narrowed down to one type of spending. You have jobs being taken over by robots. This gives them control on buying and selling through a machine. You have driveless cars in production and testing right now. This keeps us from being in control of the car. You also have smart cities that are in development stages and are wanting this to be a reality (How AT&T is transforming Dallas into a smart city). Do you see where they are going with all this technology. Someone is going to be in charge! To learn more read our article on Babel and The Coming World


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