by John Mcternan

Contact from Pastor Zaphania
Pastor was visiting and heard a young boy Erick crying. He found that the boy was three and his parents were dead. His 85 years old grandmother was raising him, but she was very ill.

The boy was crying because of a severely infected foot. Zaphania took the boy to the hospital and a toe had to be removed! He is healing real well.
Zaphania took Erick home and now is in the process of adopting him! I want to thank everyone who helped with funds, but there still $400 left to pay. If you could help that would be wonderful.
(See pictures)

Thanks for your support. You can see the photos of me and son Erick in the hospital God has blessed and healed the son Erick ,thanks for your support and now the hospital bill is coming down we have remained with 38,000 Kenya money.

They removed the dead bone and they have joined it with some wires that is what I can see with my own eyes .the doctor said he is doing will he will discharge him on Monday morning

Keep praying
The hospital bill was 100,000 Kenya money but i thank God has provided 62,000 thousand Kenya money including your 19,980 so i am working out 38,000 thousand to pay on Monday so that i can bring the son home to rest from hospital , thanks for your great support and compassionate heart of Jesus you have

Yours pastors Zephaniah



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