Tim Allen’s ‘Last Man Standing’ cancelled after 6 seasons

'Last Man Standing'

Tim Allen comedy Last Man Standing has been cancelled by American network ABC after six seasons. The show aired on CMT in Canada.

The sitcom was doing fairly well over its first five seasons, but in its sixth, it started to see a slight dip in ratings. A specific reason for the cancellation wasn’t provided by 20th Century Fox TV, the show’s production studio, but both financial and “show substance” theories have been floated.

On Last Man Standing, Allen played Mike Baxter, “a quintessential man’s man.” Living at home with his three daughters and his wife, the show centred on Baxter being the only male in an all-female household (except for his oldest daughter’s young son). Baxter is famously old-fashioned with right-leaning values, and this clashed with his female cohabitants. Of course, Baxter also worked at a sporting-goods store, surrounded by men, and his day job consisted of selling guns and other outdoorsy items…. read more

This article goes well with this video below – click to watch it.
****Tim Allen Exposes What’s Going on in Hollywood! (2017)****


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