Pedo Sex Symbols on Police Badges! Why Your Local Police Dept. is Not Investigating #PizzaGate! You Need To Share This With Everyone Now!

The F.B.I. released the official symbols associated with child sex trafficking that recently have been brought to the forefront again to help locate and bust these demented criminals. We all know that human sex trafficking as well as pedophilia rings have been in operation for a very long time. Here is the official F.B.I. intelligence bulletin describing the symbols and logos used by pedophile networks:

These symbols have manifested everywhere throughout society — and only those in ‘the club’ knew what they meant, but now — the information has been verified and leaked to the mainstream public in the worldwide scandal of #PizzaGate. Do you really want to know why this investigation has not even started to begin to gain traction on the local P.D. level? Take a look at where these pedophile sex symbols were recently uncovered:… read more

To learn more about the Pedophile ring read our article on Pedophile Network Undercover In Your Backyard? Do you approve? What are your thoughts on this?


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