Israel Reproaches Swedish Envoy, Cuts UN Funding Over UNESCO Vote – Following UNESCO’s May 2 vote to deny Israel’s sovereignty over its capital city of Jerusalem, the Jewish state has taken immediate steps to counter the latest anti-Israel move at the United Nations by censuring Sweden’s ambassador to Israel, and announcing a funding cut to the world body.

The Israeli government summoned Swedish Ambassador Carl Magnus Nesser on Wednesday to protest Sweden’s vote in favor of the UNESCO resolution. The measure described the Jewish state as an “occupying power” in Jerusalem, and said that any Israeli efforts to assert sovereignty over the holy city are “null and must be rescinded forthwith.” Rodica Radian-Gordon, the Israeli Foreign Ministry’s deputy director-general for Europe, and Alon Bar, the head of the Foreign Ministry’s international organizations department, reproached the Swedish envoy.

Sweden was the only European Union country to vote in favor of the resolution, which passed in a 22-10 vote, with 26 countries either abstaining or not registering a voting decision…. read more

lhwm notes: Do you understand why they are upset that UNESCO made this vote? Do you know who UNESCO is and what there role is?
UNESCO, Who are they?


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