Jesus commanded us to love our neighbors as ourselves. But for the Indonesian church—who is surrounded by Muslim communities—this is a difficult task.

While most Indonesian Muslims are friendly and tolerant, a small group of fundamentalists has been persistently spreading radical views and gaining followers. In places where extremism has taken hold, “neighbors” frequently show their hatred toward the saints.

In such a scenario, Open Doors is there to encourage Christians to love, bless and reach out to Muslims in Indonesia through the Islamic Awareness Seminar. The seminar, typically attended by 40 to 60 believers from various churches and ministries, imparts knowledge on Islamic movement in the country and provides simple steps to approach their Muslim neighbors.

To do the latter, however, Christians need to look at Muslims differently and remove their phobia of Islam—which is not easy when one feels threatened by them. “On Friday Islamic prayer, the preacher often claims that Christians are infidels,” says a Bible School officer who heard the provocation from the local mosque’s loudspeakers…. read more

  1. –>Loving Your Enemies
  2. –>Are You Running From Your Enemy
  3. –>Enemy, Enemies

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