Babel and The Coming World

The One World Agenda is nothing new just as man wanting to make up their own god and be in control is as old as Genesis 3. Though people believe they have a new way and new ideas there was a group of people who beat you to the punch. As the world leaders are pushing to move their agenda forward, God is working out His plan.

History On Tower Of Babel

Babel means – Confusion – the definition says: A confusion of sounds or voices and A scene or situation of confusion (Your Dictionary)

God created Adam and Eve as adults. They knew language, words, reasoning, and were intelligent. Once they sinned, sin filled the hearts of man and sin filled the earth. God destroyed the earth by flood and Noah, his wife, his sons, and their wives were the only ones God saved from His wrath. The Earth was once again populated and the people spoke the same language and had the same understanding… read more


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