The hunt for the DNA of JESUS: Scientists and religious scholars team up in groundbreaking project to try and find living descendents

Science and religion don’t always see eye to eye – but, in effort to uncover new details about the holy man and his descendants, a biblical scholar and a geneticist have teamed up in the search for Jesus’ DNA.

The experts are tapping into the latest technology to analyze artifacts from sites around the world, including the Shroud of Turin, the Sudarium of Oviedo, and a newly discovered set of bones thought to belong to Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptist.

It’s hoped that their investigation will lead them to a DNA sample that could belong to Jesus or a member of his family, to identify any ties to people living today… read more

Can we ever find Jesus’s DNA? I met the scientists who are trying to find out

It was the first stop on an extraordinary journey. On a bright but bitterly cold January afternoon earlier this year, I found myself on a small island in the Black Sea, just off Sozopol on the east coast of Bulgaria. Sveti Ivan has long been a destination for travellers: it boasted a temple of Apollo in ancient times. But I was there to speak to an old Bulgarian archaeologist about the most important find of his career.

In 2010, Kasimir Popkonstantinov discovered what he believes are the bones of one of the most famous of all saints: John the Baptist. I was interested in what DNA analysis could tell us about these bones, and other ones. Together with biblical scholar Joe Basile, I was travelling around the world filming a documentary about the religious and scientific evidence linking archaeological artefacts to Jesus Christ himself…. read more

LHWM notes: All we can say is WOW!! Man is pushing!


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