What does God say about FEAR and what does it mean?

There is violence, plagues, approaching world war, and a sense of unrest in the world. Because of this we live in a time marked by fear. At one time, not to far back, we thought we were safe going to the movies, stores, malls, and sending our children to school but that is vanishing day by day.

What is the answer to our feeling of fear, anxiety, insomnia, and helplessness. People are looking but the answers they find offer temporary relief of escape. Once the pill, alcohol, drugs, entertainment, sex, or whatever distraction is used wears off, the fear is still there. How do we calm our panic attacks, worries, and distresses on a level that gives us hope and life.

Isaiah 41:13 [L For; Because] I am the Lord your God, who holds your right hand, and I tell you, ‘Don’t be afraid. I will help you.’read more


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