What does Deuteronomy mean?

The book of Deuteronomy is the fifth book in the Old Testament Pentateuch or Jewish “Torah.” It is the last book that Moses wrote, leading to his death and the eventual rise of his assistant Joshua to leadership over the nation of Israel.

While many people might consider Deuteronomy as merely a long list of laws and rules, it actually serves as a reminder to never forget to honor and obey the Lord our God, who, in the same way He delivered Israel from slavery in Egypt, has delivered us from slavery to sin through Christ.

Deuteronomy defined

The word “Deuteronomy” is “eleh ha-devarim” in Hebrew, which means “these are the words.” In Ancient Greek, it is “Deuteronómion” which means “second law” or a “copy of this law,” signifying…. read more


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