Strange Sounds Being Heard Worldwide – April 2017

No one really knows what is the cause of the loud booms or even trumpet sounds. This is what we call signs of thy coming. Jesus is coming very soon. There are signs all around and just like birth pains they are getting faster and quicker. Many people are not ready for what will happen next.

What Does Signs Of Thy Coming Mean

These are the beginning of birth pains! Have you noticed more activity taking place in this world. There are constant earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, droughts, famines, floods, sink holes, and so on. What is happening to the earth? Some say it is global warming, some say it is chemicals (chem-trails), some say it is the HAARP, some say it is the sun, some say it is climate change and there are other sayings to. The only Truth behind the weather acting like this is in scripture. The absolute Truth will come from the Lord!… read more



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