Netanyahu: Syrian gas attack photos ‘should shake every human being’

YNet News: Referring to the suspected gas attack in the northwestern Syria’s Idlib that day, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu commented on Tuesday, “The pictures that come to us should shake every human being.”

According to medical sources in Idlib, at least 100 people were killed and another 400 were injured in attacks that apparently using Sarin gas.

Opinion: We were told by John Kerry that the chemical weapons were gone. We were told that the Syrians had allowed the Russians and the U.N. to remove all of Syria’s chemical weapons stockpile.

“All the dangerous substances from Syria’s chemical weapons program, including sulfur mustard and precursors of sarin, have now been removed from the country after a monthslong process, a Hague-based watchdog agency said” (source WSJ June 23, 2014)… read more


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