3 Years In An Eritrean Prison

Over the years we have often asked supporters to pray that the Lord would give Christians imprisoned for their faith in Eritrea hope in the midst of their suffering and enable them to share the gospel with their persecutors. The story of Aberash is an example of how the Lord answers our prayers for His own glory.

“It is very hard to live without hope! It is the easiest way to die quickly,” the 32-year-old Aberash states with conviction. He speaks from experience. Having spent three years in an Eritrean prison for continuing worship outside of the state-approved religions (Islam or the Orthodox, Catholic or Evangelical Lutheran Churches), he knows exactly what it feels like to lose hope amidst difficult circumstances.

Aberash became a Christian through the testimony of a school friend. While undergoing mandatory military training, he learned that Evangelical Christians are considered enemies of the state. “Not even when the churches were ordered to close did I really believe Christians were truly considered enemies of the state. It did not make sense! It was not until I was arrested that I came to believe it.”… read more

“After two years I had fallen into deep depression. I was very angry with God and questioned Him. I asked, ‘Why am I in here? I was doing good things for You? So why did You let this happen to me? God, this is not fair. Why did You not protect us?’ I felt I was losing my mind and could not accept what was happening. I had no understanding of Christian persecution.”

Proverbs 21:30-31 There is no wisdom, understanding, or advice that can succeed against the Lord. 31 You can get the horses ready for the day of battle, but it is the Lord who gives the victory [Ps. 33:16–17].

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