Sanctuary Cities and Christ

For many, the question of sanctuary cities and a border wall have become a theological debate. Many professing Christians have become part of the open border movement. They cite scriptures like Leviticus 19:33. “When a stranger resides with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong.”

Recently on NBC’s Meet the Press, California Governor Jerry Brown said that a border wall is not a “Christian thing.” He said, “We are going to do the right, human and I would even say the Christian thing from my point of view. You don’t treat human beings like that. That is not what — Trump’s supposed to be Mr. Religious Fellow and I thought we had to treat the least of these as we would treat the Lord. So I hope he would reconnect with some of his conservative evangelicals and they’ll tell him that these are human beings and they’re children of God, they should be treated that way.”

These arguments and others raise an interesting question. What does God think of borders?… read more


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