Scientists Mock Miracles of Jesus Christ; Large Corporations Create Life Long Customers by Altering DNA Expression

Super-humans and the end of all disease, that is the supposed agenda of biotechnology. But in reality, these scientists just don’t want to die, most likely because they know who they’ll have to meet.

Impact: Future

There is stark concern that over the next several years, science will bring about baby farming and designer babies using technology such as CRISPR CAS9 the gene editing tool that would allow scientists and researchers to alter the human germ-line forever. But, there is another far more secretive yet far more omnipotent technology that would permit the rise of “designer adults.” This technology, could, in theory, be used today, on adults, and would not forever alter the Human genome. It’s called epigenetics.

Rising in the background of genetic research, the field of epigenetics has sprung to life like a virus. This study would allow researchers to alter the expression of genes, but what exactly does that mean? According to the LA Review of Books;… read more

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