‘Millions’ of dead pipi blanketing Waihi Beach could be result of fresh-water ‘suffocation’

“Millions” of dead shellfish washed ashore at Waihi Beach have shocked local residents and become an internet sensation.

Jeanette McCallum was walking with a friend by the beach on Tuesday when they came across the dead bed of shellfish, as far as the eye could see.

“We just couldn’t believe it. It’s just so shocking,” she said.

“I’d say there would have been millions.

“They were deep. So when you stood on them, you could notice you just sank down into them. They would be at least ankle deep.”

Mrs McCallum took a video of the find, which has quickly become popular on Facebook. As of 3.30pm the video had been viewed more than 45,870 times with hundreds of comments.

The pipi covered a large section of sand near where the stream is by the campground down to the north end of the beach…. [read more]

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