Could your company force you to share genetic information?

(CNN) — While Republicans are pushing to drop the requirement of Obamacare that compels Americans to get insurance, another move in a separate bill could compel employees to participate in workplace wellness programs that collect their and their families’ health and genetic data.

The controversial bill is called the Preserving Employee Wellness Program Act, introduced in the House on March 2 by Rep. Virginia Foxx, R-North Carolina.

The bill would allow employers to penalize employees if they don’t join workplace wellness programs that collect this kind of data…. [read more]


17 thoughts on “Could your company force you to share genetic information?

    1. It is the same. One is connected to WordPress and one is our main site. Our main site is Eventually everything will be on our main site and we will venture away from WordPress. This site is a free site however we would like to have all this information on our database not WordPress. Okay that might have been to much information, but yep there you go.

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      1. Oh I see, well I am so sorry about that. You actually helped me. I thought I took care of all the email changes, but when you said you sent it and I did not get it then I was on the hunt of why. Do you feel better! 🙂

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      2. Yes I surely do! I am glad you figured that very important piece out! That would be terrible if someone who needed the gospel shared and reached out and didn’t receive a response. God used me in a a small way but maybe for a much more important reason than I will ever know!


  1. Yep, my job has been doing it. It has maybe been 4 years? Supposed to be private. A 3rd party comes in yearly and you have to get blood taken, checked for smoking, cholesterol, blood pressure and your overall BMI. Your results are tracked and turned in. The cost is based on the line you must meet. Areas you fail in the cost goes up. If you don’t participate I am thinking you pay the highest price plus another $50 per check. …I could be off on that amount but nor far. They blamed ACA. They said this was driving their cost up in the billions and this would help. WHAT A JOKE.


      1. Oh yes, it is happening right before our eyes. I have told my husband not to be surprised if I walk out one day. I have worked there many years and will never be able to make ANYTHING near what I currently get. BUT IT DOESN’T MATTER, if they one day ask me to cross that fine line I pray I have the wisdom to see it. I pray I choose to walk out the door. I am watching and pointing things out to the one or two that might listen. Most don’t. Most think you are crazy. Come Lord Jesus come!


      2. Amen to that, they do think your crazy! I pray for God to give the courage to do what He is asking of you, and to know He will provide. He does not answer or respond like we think but to me that is the beauty of God. He is always there at the right time, right moment and right place. He will provide you another way if that is what He will ask of you.

        I worked at a job and I was an assistant manager and bookkeeper there. They wanted me to take money from residents in the amount of $10 or less. They wanted me to write it off and not give it back. I told them that I was not going to do that, because that is stealing! They did not understand why I had a problem with this and blamed me because I was the only one who had a problem with this. The Vice President came and spoke with me and I told her “what if you banked with me and every month I took your money that was $10 or less and wrote it off so my accounts could say zero. Would you like it if I took your money every month WITHOUT you knowing about it?”

        So what did they do they dropped it down to $5 dollars instead of $10, and I still told them NO. I had to leave because they were going to fire me if I did not write the money off. I chose to leave, because God asked me to. So, I completely understand what comes with this decision. I had a brand new car and I was making excellent money.
        Prayers lifted up for you!!

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      3. Oh, thank you!
        Amazing how much corruption is out there! They ask you to do something wrong on so many levels and cannot really figure out just why you have an issue with it. There was a time integrity meant something.
        My company is so large that is all about political correctness. Used to not be so much that way. Used to be family. Now it is all about being accepted by all no matter what. Not me, but at the executive level. I have no problem with being tolerant and treat all people with kindness but will I eventually be forced to take a stand that goes totally against what God requires? I told a friend who works with me and believes the same (except she opens her eyes slowly to things going on). I have to point out things I see and sort of put a question mark at the end of it so that she begins to look at it and think about it and read what the bible might have to say about it. I have watched her change from flat out looking at me like I am crazy to now looking at things from more of an open mind and give things some consideration. She used to say, “I just don’t want to think about it and prefer to live in marshmallow land.” I would tell her that the bible tells us over and over to WATCH always and PRAY always . I told her the Lord Jesus wouldn’t have said over and over to WATCH so that you are not deceived if He really meant if it makes you happy to just go through life with your head in the sand then that is ok… She used to say it causes her to worry and dwell on the negative. I agree, it isn’t easy to SEE such things when you really look at things. That should grow our faith, draw us nearer to our Saviour and trust Him to ‘keep’ us. Psalm 91:1-2 Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. For I will say of the Lord, You are my refuge and my fortress, my God in whom I trust. PRAISE THE NAME OF THE LORD!
        My husband doesn’t want to hear it. I asked him once, how will you know when something is happening you need to avoid if you don’t read the word of the Lord God in the scriptures? He said I have you to tell me. I said what if I am not here? God’s Word tells us several times …I tell you these things before they happen so that when they happen you will know! HOW AMAZING IS THAT? Thank You Jesus for telling us things to watch for! People must get away from the TV. What happened to the Waltons? To Little House on the Prairie? It is all reality TV so that after a few years of that, now people litteraly cannot see the difference in what is real and what is not. Talk about insanity! The only truth we can be sure of is the written word of God.
        Thank you sister for listening. I have very few, honestly no one I can really talk to.


      4. Your are more than welcome to email us. Just go to our contact page so we can receive your email first. Then we will email you back. Do not want to put our email here due to robots and unsolicited emails. We do understand! I do not know very many who actually know what is going on. So many profess to be a Christian, yet they have no idea what it is like to be one. I have gone through so many trials and temptations and every true believer should. Jesus said we would. The line is being drawn from the real believer to the one’s who just profess it. Time is drawing near and it is coming. I do not know when Jesus is coming but in my heart it seems very very very close. We would be more than happy to share the gospel and to connect. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your not alone!!! God Bless you, and may God give you courage, wisdom and strength concerning your job and your husband. We pray for his eyes to be open and his heart to receive it. We (mom and I) completely understand!

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